Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How great is it to have Christmas every week? Time for Sister Jordan Wunderli's email again!!

Happy Wednesday.  I hope your week is off to a great start.  My week just got infinitely better when I received Jordan's email.  She's almost done at the MTC - less than two weeks left before she goes to Japan.  I'm so excited for her.  Here's her email so that you can get caught up on her week and her thoughts about her experience and the time left in the MTC.

Before entering the MTC, all I could think about was getting through the 9 "awful" weeks at the MTC. I couldn't wait to get to Japan. I couldn't wait to get there so I could actually learn the language. I couldn't wait to get there so I could be exposed to a completely different culture. I couldn't wait to get there so I could explore all of the new places. I couldn't wait to get there so I could eat my heart out in sushi. All I thought about before my mission was, I just have to make it through the MTC and then I'll be fine.
I've spent 7 weeks at the MTC now and it feels like it's flown by. My feelings have completely changed about the "awful" MTC. I'm not ready to say goodbye to my companion, or roommates, or district, or zone, or teachers, or anyone else amazing I have met. I'm not prepared enough to go to Japan to teach them the word of Christ. I need to prepare more so that I am better!! I can't believe I only have less than 2 weeks left. More than that, I can't believe how sad I am at the thought of leaving the MTC.

Let me tell you some of the reasons why I've absolutely loved the MTC.
- The people. The people I have met here are some of the best people I have ever met. So sure of themselves, so sure of their purpose, so funny, so nice (I could go on and on).
- The devotionals. Listening to the words of apostles, members of the seventy, and anyone else who comes is so powerful. Hearing an apostle bare witness that Christ is our savior is unlike anything else.
-The undeniable spirit. I have never felt the spirit so strong anywhere or anytime before. I have truly felt like I am walking with God here.
-The people. The people. The people.

- Sister Kema got a bottle of Dr. Pepper in a package and so we got sack lunches and stole ice from the cafeteria and then had a picnic and ate cookies, drank Dr. Pepper and drank a whole V8 juice to compensate for it.
- We got new kohai which means I'm a Daisenpai which means I've been here the longest out of the people going to Japan.
- I spilled a whole plate of food in the cafeteria and it was so loud and everyone looked at me. So that was great.

- Kema Shimai and I took a study break and walked around and we ran into some ASL Elders. One of them prayed for us using sign and it was probably the most powerful prayer ever. We all had our eyes opened, watching him speak to God through sign.
- The same ASL Elders then did the first vision for us. He got down on his knees as if he was actually Joseph Smith. I felt like I was actually there, having the same experience as Joseph Smith had. He explained the first vision better with no words than anyone ever has with words.
- An Elder in my zone had to go home for medical reasons, so my whole zone fasted for him. We fasted for a full 24 hours and it was so hard but we all bonded so much. It's awesome that everyone was so willing to fast for someone. Every single person in my zone (around 50 people) fasted for him. We ended the fast on pizzaFriday and it was the best pizza Friday ever (I had 5 pieces).

Wunderli Shimai

1) prettiest part of the MTC and our name tags
2) laundry room fun
3) the Daisenpai and branch presidency
4) a day in the life
5) matching with Short Shimai

I can tell by the one picture that she got my most recent package.  I sent her a few different things in this package than the first package and I see them on the table.  I'm guessing what I sent was well received.  I'm always so happy to hear about the great progress she's making and the fantastic people that she is with.  It is amazing to hear the testimonies of the apostles and other great church leaders so I can only imagine how powerful and wonderful those experiences are for her.  A frined of mine served an ASL mission and I always loved watching her sign - I'm sure that Jordan's experience with the ASL missionaries was very beautiful and touching.  

As always, please feel free to comment and / or ask questions.  If you would like to email her directly, her email is  Please remember that she can only email on P-days, which is Wednesday in the MTC, it will most likely change when she's in the field in Japan.  Additionally, with so little time, she may not be able to reply all the time but that doesn't me she doesn't love and appreciate you.  Thanks for all of your support; she appreciates and her mom and I (her dad) appreciate it very much as well.  Have a fantastic rest of your week.   

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