Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ladies and Gentlmen - Let's Get Reading Sister Jordan Wunderli's Weekly Email

The subject line in her email was:  Sayonara America.  Very appropriate because on Monday she will be on her way to Japan.  She'll be out of the country for 16 months.  My baby girl will be almost half way around the world - 15 hours ahead of us, so traveling west would be the quicker way to get there.
She's worked hard and has had lots of great experiences, both in the MTC and in life, to prepare her for the work she's about to do.  I'm so proud of her and I can't wait to start getting her emails from Japan with the stories of her interactions with the Japanese and the pictures.  She is so appreciative of all of your support whether it is emails, letters, or prayers - she loves and appreciates them all.  Enough babbling.  Here is her email and the pictures.

LAST WEEK IN THE MTC!! I won't have a p-day next week so the next time you'll hear from me is September 19th.
My final week in the MTC has been so bittersweet. I'm one big ball of emotions right now. I'm scared to be only speaking Japanese for the next 16 months (I've already been out for 2 months that's so crazy). I'm so sad to leave all of my friends that I've made while at the MTC. But most of all I'm so excited to be in Japan for a butt load of reasons.

-Huge shout out to the Regan's for sending me dark chocolate covered strawberries. So I'm walking out of the cafeteria and there's always a big board display of names to go to the main office. Well this time I see my name!! I start freaking out to my companion and was like oh my gosh what if I'm in trouble!? So I get up to the main office and they pull out a big edible arrangements bag. Holy cow that was the best surprise ever!!
-So the BYU/Utah game is this weekend and my branch president is a huge BYU fan. So he comes up to me one day and he goes, "so what're our stakes on this game?" We decided that if BYU loses, then he has to sing the Utah fight song in front of the whole zone, and if Utah loses then I have to sing the BYU fight song in front of the whole zone. So go Utes!! And pray that they win!! My pride is on the line.
-We got our flight plans!!! I leave to Japan on September 12th at 11am and I get there at 3:15pm the next day. Woo-hoo!!

-Chad Lewis (played in the NFL for 9 years) came and spoke to us and it was such a great talk. He was so humble and told us that going on a mission was His favorite choice he made  (and he was in the NFL) how awesome!!!
-He also related football to our missions and he said "if you are too cautious, you can't play like you want to play, play with all your heart." He also said that all of us our professionals (at sharing the gospel but still cool)
-I booked it up to the podium after devotional and I got to shake his hand!! His hand was probably bigger than my face hahaha.

-that's right we had another apostle come, which makes my total: 3.
-Elder D. Todd Christofferson came and it was the perfect last Tuesday Devotional.
-He told us that we are the apostles companions. The apostles are so busy that they can't preach to everyone and that's where we come in. It made me realize that I really need to step up my game because I want to represent the savior as an apostle would.
-He also said that it is better to be trusted than to be loved because love comes with trust but not always the other way around. He told us that Heavenly Father loves us, but does he trust us? If he needed someone in some place, would he trust you to send you there? I want him to trust me.

Sister Wunderli
PICS (going down):
1. District pic with one of our teachers
2. Serious pic with some serious homies
3. Laundry room pic
4. Shimaitachi at the temple
5. Sweater Saturday
6. The only two Utes at the MTC


As usual, Jordan is showing her personality and spunk.  I think the people of Japan will love her for her personality and great sense of humor.  She connects well with people and is always honest and sincere which goes great with this week's message from Elder  Christofferson.  Godspeed, Jordan.  You are in my prayers and many others.

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