Monday, September 18, 2017

I'm A Mother

Well once again it's a bit later than normal but we just got Jordan's email and there's lots of good stuff in it.  I'm so excited for her.  It's so much fun when you are living right and working hard and you get rewarded for it.  She is seeing the fruits of her labor (and faith).  Enjoy and thanks for reading.

This past week I hit my year mark in Japan. Well if that's not crazy enough by itself, I also realized that I go home in 3 months. Woah. I have 3 months to give the Lord all I've got and I plan to literally give it my all! I can rest when I get home! Right fam?

This week, sister Morelock and I felt like we got a glimpse in the life of a mom. We found ourselves eating a lot more chocolate than usual when one of our children (investigators) was not doing what we would want them to do. We also found that a lot of our stress, happiness, and every emotion came from them!! I feel so sorry for my mom! But no matter their decisions, we love them the same and desire the absolute best for them. I seriously love each and every one of them so much.

Investigator updates:
愛するRyoko (my BFF) aka. The golden child: We met with her a couple of times this past week. We had a lesson on the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We committed her to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and at the next lesson she told us that she prayed about it and she knows that he was a real prophet of God!! She also sends us messages all the time saying how she always feels at peace and warm when she meets with us. On top of that, she hung out with us today on our pday! We went to asukusa (a huge shrine in Tokyo) and we got a native to give us a tour. She is the best.

Miyuki (the up and down teenager): What a crazy week it has been with Miyuki. Previously, I mentioned that she really wants her ancestors to receive baptism but doesn't want to receive baptism least for awhile. Well this week we had Sister Nagano (our mission president's wife) to come participate in the lesson. We thought that would set miyuki straight! And boy did it! First of all, she was so impressed with Sister Nagano (how could you not be), and she just listened to everything Sister Nagano said, one of those things being to, "listen to the missionaries." That night, we got a text message from Miyuki asking how much it costed to be baptized. We explained that there is no cost, but we do pay donations after joining (tithing). The next day she messaged us and asked if she were to get baptized this coming Sunday(the 17th) would she be able to go to the temple for her ancestors (before it closes). We told her yes, but there are still some lessons we had to teach her and that if she wanted to get baptized on Sunday, she would have to meet with us everyday. She decided to wait. She came to church on Sunday and after sacrament meeting she was talking with a member about what she needs to do in order to get baptized and they got so excited and just said, "meet with the missionaries!" Miyuki is so excited to learn more. We're hoping to set a baptismal date with her this week.

Akane: Akane is probably our most confusing child (investigator) right now. She LOVES church and she LOVES the members, and she LOVES learning about the church. But this week she told us that she can't believe in anything she can't see. She also LOVES LOVES LOVES baptism and what it represents. A companionship of elders had a baptism this last Sunday and she stayed 4 extra hours at church just to see the baptism. She was so excited! She kept saying that it was amazing and it looked like he was glowing. When we asked if she wanted to get baptized, she said no, it's not for her. No Akane, no! It is for you! We're working on her, and praying for her.

Other exciting news:
We got to move back into our apartment a couple of weeks early!! The senior couple had to leave a couple weeks early so we got to move back. Our commute is no longer 3 hours and were always in our area. I love being in Nakano!

I love you all. God loves you all. And Jesus loves you all.
Wunderli 姉妹

1 and 2: We had six new girl students at our English class. Can someone say partyyy?
3. The Martin's (the new couple missionaries) invited us over for Sunday dinner where we had a roast, mashed potatoes, and apply pie. It tasted like America. 
4. A look into the shibuya apartment (the most expensive missionary apartment in the world).
5. What a fantastic meal.
6. My bffs (Ryoko and Morelock shimai)
7 and 8: Asakusa 
9-11. The skytree 

I'm so happy for Jordan and the experiences she is having.  I know it's very fulfilling for her.  I can't wait to travel to Japan in 2020 and see the places she lived and meet the people she worked with. 

As always, thanks for your support, your emails, snail mail, and prayers.  We really appreciate it all.  Thanks for taking the time to read.  We'll be back next week with another episode.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Eaten Alive...AND...Living in the Lap of Luxury

The report is a little late this week because we didn't get Jordan's emails until last night (Monday night).  More good stuff in this week's email.  As always, thanks for your support and thanks for reading.

I think I have about 30 bug bites over my body and wow do they itch. Why am I telling you this? I don't know.. but it has been my life for the past month so I thought maybe I'd clue you in a bit. The mosquitoes really seem to like me, but of course Heavenly Father always comes through and I never seem to be itchy when I'm with investigators. 

Speaking of our lovely investigators.. I'll talk about 2 today.

The lovely Ryoko:
I could talk about Ryoko for hours! She is the best. Ryoko has a baptismal date for October 29th and she is progressing sooo well. She came to church for the first time and the members were so impressed by her. She prayed at the end of gospel principles class without any help from anyone; (she even remembered to pray in the name of Jesus Christ) it was a proud mom moment right there. Earlier in the week we had a lesson on prophets and connected it to the book of Mormon which she's already been reading. We told her about our current prophet, Thomas S. Monson and we showed a picture of him. Well fast forward 5 days and she sees a picture of him at church, points to it, and says, "That's Thomas S. Monson, the prophet!" The members were so shocked. Honestly, she fit right in with the members, I actually forgot a couple of times that she wasn't a member. She even participated in relief society! We had a couple of lessons with her and one of them was a little shorter because we didn't want to move to fast with her and when we finished she goes, "Wait that's it?" She wanted to learn more!! I could talk about her forever, but you get the jist, she's amazing. 

The confusing Miyuki: 
Miyuki loves family history and she wants her ancestors to be baptized (baptisms for the dead). We had a lesson with her a few weeks ago where we talked about the plan of salvation and baptism. She told us very clearly that she did not want to get baptized anytime soon. We ended the lesson on a little bit of a weird note, but all was well. She came to church this Sunday with a huge stack of family history work done and in the church's format. A huge stack. We went to the family history class with her and she shows it to the couple who teaches it and asked what she needs to do next in order for her ancestors to get baptized. They were completely shocked at all the work she had done in just a week and asked her if she was going to get baptized and she said no. It was a little strange because she had no interest in getting baptized for her ancestors, she just wants them to receive baptism and she doesn't care by who, but she wants it done in September. We have no clue why, when we asked her, she wouldn't give an answer. Yeah, we are a little confused, so Sister Nagano (our mission president's wife) is going to come and participate in the next lesson. Don't worry, I'll keep you all posted ;) 

The most expensive missionary apartment in the world:
I can definitelysee how it's the most expensive missionary apartment in the world. First of all, it's HUMONGOUS. Second of all, it's sooo nice. It has heated floors, and the toilet seat opens when you walk into the bathroom and flushes automatically. We also have a dish washer and no one in Japan has a dish washer because they are so expensive. Third of all, it's in Tokyo like the heart and center of Tokyo. It's craziness. But it is a little hard for commuting back and forth to our area. It makes the days a little longer and a little more tiring, but all is well. 

I love the opportunity I have to teach His gospel and to serve His children. I love being with our investigators and members.  I love that I can literally feel His love for them. I love being a missionary. 

1 and 2: the new apartment is nice, but it doesn't have a view like our old one...
3. Sister dibble had to go to the hospital so we visited her
4. TASUKU aka my favorite kid ever ❤❤❤
5 and 6. Some pday fun 
7 and 8. Tokyo during the day vs. Tokyo at night 

I hope you enjoyed Jordan's email this week.  I always look forward to them with great anticipation to see what kind of progress she's making with her current investigators as well as finding new ones.  Make it a great week.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Coming At You live With...

As we get closer to the end of Jordan's mission, I expect that time WILL slow down.  I am 100% certain that when she is on the flight home, time will actually stop - at least for me.  This week, however, it is still moving at a decent speed and more good, exciting stuff is happening for her and her companion.  Check it out and thanks for reading.

Jimmy Osmond and an Olympic gymnast!! *the crowd goes wild*

I'm just going to get right into it...
Jimmy Osmond and the Olympian:
•Jimmy Osmond: For those of you who don't know who Jimmy Osmond is.. ask my grandma.. just kidding.. but Jimmy Osmond was on a famous TV show and he and his family were the Osmond family (pretty famous, don't know much about them), but they did meet the Queen of England and Elvis Presely if that says anything. Well he came to Tokyo this last week and held a fireside in one of the church buildings and the missionaries were allowed to go as long as they brought an investigator, so we brought two!  It was a great fireside and him and his family were able to share why they loved the church which was great for our investigators. Also, apparently Jimmy osmond actually had his first hit single in Japan and he was quite famous here back in the day.

•the Olympian: There we were, doing our normal streeting and talking to as many people as we possibly can. My companion stops this girl and while they are talking I realize that she is super buff, especially for Japanese girl (they usually have pretty thin arms). I was quite impressed with how much muscle she had! Then I noticed her shirt said Rio on it, and on the sleeve of her shirt.. the Olympic rings.. I asked her if she went to the Rio Olympics and she said yes! She was a gymnast for the Japan team! I was not able to watch the Olympics due to the fact I was already on my mission, so I asked her how she did and how Japan did. They got 4th for gymnastics, which is pretty darn good! She told us that she is currently training for the Tokyo 2020 olympics!! But what's even cooler than that, she wants to come to our English class!! We even exchanged contact info!!

Ryoko san is doing amazing. She is on track for her baptismal date and has kept every single commitment we've given her. She high lights all of her favorite scriptures and she does her reading assignments the day we give them to her. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ this week and she just kept saying "woah, woah, woah" with the biggest smile on her face. She is seriously soaking every little bit in. The day before church, she texted us to tell us how excited she was to go to church. We never have to follow up with her because she will just text her and say, "I read the pamphlet you gave me and it was amazing!" I could go on and on about her. She is the best and we are meeting her tomorrow!

I won't go into much detail about this one but it's amazing to see the inspiration and direction we've been getting as STL's for the sisters in our zone. A couple of the sisters were having a really rough time and Sister Morelock and I really felt prompted to go to their area to help them. We questioned it at first, because we had just done an exchange with them, but after praying about it and thinking it out, we decided to just cancel our plans and go. I'm so glad we went. We were there for quite awhile, but they needed us, and we were able to be there for them. Everything ended up working out and everyone is doing well. I'm so grateful for the guidance and inspiration that came to me and my companion.

Just Japan (Tokyo mission) things:
•The most expensive missionary apartment in the world is in my mission. Kind of cool right? It's in shibuya which is right in the heart of Tokyo and one area over from where I am (Nakano). Well I will be moving there this week!! There is a new senior couple coming to our mission and while they look for a new apartment, they have to stay in our apartment, so President Nagano has asked that we move to the shibuya sisters apartment (that area is currently closed to the sisters right now).  Since nakano is our actual area, we will have to commute about two hours in total everyday... We will be losing a lot of time, but the Lord will consecrated the time we do have! We move on Thursday.

Word of the week:
Word: muki muki
Pronunciation: moo-key-moo-key
Meaning: muscular

If you don't stand for something you'll fall for everything.
Wunderli 姉妹

•Akane and her burger 
•The temple 
•cool building
•愛するcherry burger 
•ya know that bike life 
•ice cream with the dibbles!
•Korean food on exchanges 
•yuki the Olympian (look at her muki muki arms)

I love how she is being blessed in so many different ways and some of the reason for that is because of your prayers and support that you give through your emails and letters.  Thanks for your support and for reading.  Back for more next week.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Another Day in the Life...

Another week is in the books and, thankfully, it was another good one.  There are frustrations, as you will read about, but the good outweighs the bad.  Thanks for reading and enjoy.

Missionary life is great because while there are still ups and downs, the ups are much more frequent than the downs. I love being a missionary!!

Why do bad things happen to good people?
This thought provoking question is the question someone asked me last week. Mizuka, an 18 year old Japanese girl, came to English class and after class we got talking. God was brought up and I asked her if she believed in him. She said, "No, but I use to." This is such an unusual answer so of course I asked why. She told me that her really close friend to abused by her parents and if there was a God then why would he let that happen. She then asked, " If there was a God, Why do bad things happen to good people?"  I have been a missionary for over a year, but somehow had no idea what to say. I knew we had the answers, but I just stood there in shock. I composed myself and said that I would love to answer her question. We set an appointment and she was excited to finally have her question answered.

Fast forward a few days, and we teach her the answer to the soul wrenching question. We taught her the plan of salvation with an emphasis on agency. God gave us this special gift of agency to let us all make decisions for ourselves. Sometimes those decisions aren't good, and sometimes they effect other people, but we have the power to make those choices. However, God knows everything we do. We will be rightfully judged and either rewarded or punished according to our actions. We explained the wonderful plan that God has for us and explained that even though bad things happen to good people, that Christ suffered for them, and knows exactly what it's like. She was mesmerized. Some of the questions she asked actually made me think she was the one who got abused, for example, she asked, "What if my parents did something really really bad and I yelled at them, would that still be bad?" We then explained it's more how she feels after she does it and that there are some grey areas. I won't explain the whole lesson, but it was one of the most powerful lessons I've been apart of. I saw her heart soften in the lesson and I saw the light in her eyes as we told her about the plan of salvation.

The struggle of getting investigators to church:
Okay story of my mission life. As a missionary, we plan and try and help people come to church all week long. Let me repeat: all week. So it can be a little frustrating when someone doesn't end up coming. First you get the investigators that say, "oh yeah maybe I'll come," and aren't too convincing of that fact. Then you get the investigators that say, "Oh dang I have work on Sunday, sorry." Dang well then. Then you get investigators that say, "yes, I'm for sure coming." And then they don't show up. So frustrating. Not to mention we have to constantly talk to members to get them to befriend the investigators and it's a little awkward when the investigator doesn't show up. Just thought I'd let you in on a little bit of the daily struggles of being a missionary. When all was said and done though, we had 2 investigators come to church. Not what we were hoping, but it was still good.

Ryoko has a baptismal date:
So we had a couple lessons with Ryoko this week. During the first lesson she said that she never had interest in learning about Jesus Christ until coming to English class. Well not only does she have a ton of interest now, but she also has a baptismal date!! She kept all of her commitments from the first lesson and just thinks everything about the church is amazing. She is coming to church this next week (hopefully) and she said she wants to be baptized. So originally we asked her if she would get baptized on October 8 and then she looked at her calendar and said she would be out of town and then she asked if she could be baptized this next week. We told her that sadly she could not and explained that there are a few steps she has to do before getting baptized -church, the lessons, baptismal interview - and she said okay so we settled on October 29th. The amount of faith she has is completely mind blowing. She just has the strongest desire and even asked us how she could be a good example to her friends.

Just Japan things:
•Japanese people are obsessed with melon. There is melon flavored soda, melon bread, melon candy, melon ice cream, you name it! Melon flavored soda is sold everywhere, McDonald's, convenient stores, restaurants, vending machines, everywhere. It's a melon world here.
Loving life, loving the mission, loving Jesus, loving Japan, loving all of you beautiful people. Lots of love.
Wunderli 姉妹

1. Comp and smoothies equals happy Wunderli Shimai 
2. Ryoko❤❤
3. Tokyo zone conference
4. Exchanges round 100 
5. Comp and melon soda 
6. No table no problem 
7. We got a new fridge but it had the mold of a 30 year old fridge so we did some cleaning
8. Exchanges round 10000

Thanks again for your thoughts, prayers, emails and snail mail.  She appreciates it all.  Until next week, make it a great one.

Monday, August 21, 2017

I'm Officially Old

Well it was another great week in Tokyo, Japan for Sister Jordan Wunderli, as per her email.  Great stuff is happening for her and the people she is serving and she loves her new companion.  Enjoy and thanks for reading.

This week, I think I had my mid-mission crisis and then it became worse when I realized that I'm in fact 3 transfers (4 months) past mid-mission. In normal people terms, it would be like having a mid-life crisis at 70 or so years old. I am now transfer 9 and want more than ever to make the most of this short 18 months as a missionary.

My cute comp:
First off, I would like to formally introduce you all to my new companion, Sister Morelock. Sister Morelock is your typical Hawaiian girl (she makes me wish I was from Hawaii). She surfs, makes delicious smoothies, has long blonde hair, she is super good at drawing, she can hula dance (harder than it looks), and is perhaps the sweetest person ever. She is 19 and went to BYU-Hawaii before her mission. We got along right from the second we met and have been having fun and working hard ever since. I'm so excited for this transfer with her.

The phone call:
Sister Her and I were in our apartment at 8:45pm doing some study when the phone rings. It's a random number. Before my mission, I would've let it ring, but as a missionary we always pick up because well it might be a kinjin (golden person). Well it was a kinjin. We picked up and before we could ask her name or introduce ourselves, she immediately said that she wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ. Before we could answer she says, "So Jesus Christ is the son of God, right? Can you tell me more about Him?" Woah. We were a little in shock. We then asked her name and she told us it was Ikumi and then we asked if we could set up an appointment with her. She asked if we could meet the next day.

During our first hour of being companions, Sister Morelock and I taught Ikumi San a lesson. We felt super unprepared (we had only been companions for 10 minutes before Ikumi San came), but it all worked out. We taught her about God and Jesus Christ and she loved it and after the lesson she thanked us for a solid 10 minutes. We taught her about prayer and how we pray in the name of Jesus Christ and she also loved that and said that she would do it from now on and thanked us for telling her. To say were excited to teach her more is an understatement.

The less active that came to church:
During mine and Sister Her's past two transfers together, we have been working with a less active named Amanda kubo. We've actually only gotten to meet her once and the rest of the times, she either wouldn't answer the door or wasn't home, so we would just leave her notes. Well before church on Sunday, we get a text from her asking us what time church starts. We texted her back and said 10:00am and asked if she was coming. She came with her two daughters and the ward members were so excited. The ward mission leader was so surprised when we told him that they were coming and her visiting teachers thanked us so much and started jumping up and down for joy. Apparently the less active hadn't been to church in 3 years. She stayed for all of church and the ward really welcomed her. It was such a huge miracle! I really felt like all of mine and Her shimai's visits and bike rides to her house and time paid off. Please just make the missionaries' jobs easier and go to church because they will visit you until you go anyway!

Just Japan things:
-No one wears deodorant here and you can't buy deodorant in the stores. Japanese people sweat but they just carry sweat tells around everywhere. Also, it's not like they don't stink..

Everything is going great here in Nakano. Investigators are doing good minus some stubbornness here and there but what're you gonna do? Hope you're all doing good in good ole America.
Wunderli 姉妹

1. Dinner with some newlyweds - holy cow they are cute and we had pizza and root beer whoa. Yum.
2. Just in case you were wondering what Japanese money looked like
3. Sushi with Eri and the new comp
4. The best young women ever
5. He's so cute with his building blocks 
6. Ice cream 🍦🍦🍦

We are back from vacation and settled in so I'll be back to the regular schedule going forward with one possible delay during hunting season.  I hope you enjoyed this email.  Please keep Jordan in your thoughts and prayers - she appreciates them so much.  Thanks for your emails and snail mail, she loves them.  Make it a great week.