Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Guess What Day It Is...

It's WEDNESDAY.  You got it.  Hump day.  My favorite day of the week.  Why you ask?  Because I get to hear from my beautiful daughter - Sister Jordan Wunderli.  I don't actually get to HEAR from her but I do get emails and get answers to the questions she remembers to respond to that I've written in my emails / letters throughout the week.  I got a great personal email this morning and have had some nice conversation with her on a few things.  For now, here is her (abbreviated) email - you'll see why it's a bit shorter this week than normal.  Enjoy.

I was really sick for most of this week so I either laid in bed and slept or I was miserable during class haha. So sorry for the shorter and more boring email. But I'm all better now.
-My district had a queso party to celebrate the fact that we made it half way through the MTC!! (We have a little less than a month left now)
-My roommates and I had a slumber party last night and put face masks on ourselves and called ourselves "the blue man group"
-Phelps Shimai and I were way sick on Thursday so our teacher sent us back to the dorm and we went to the MTC store to by icy hot and she knocked down am entire shelf so we just kind of ran out... Oops
-While I was sick and dying in class last Wednesday, an Elder said that I looked like death haha and then he felt super bad because everyone was like ohhhh
-So me and Kema Shimai have this really tough investigator and he doesn't pray, believe in God, but he loved church history. It has been frustrating because he won't do anything ever as far as faith goes but he has read the Book of Mormon. My whole district has been having the toughest time with him and he will not pray for any of us. So I slept Thursday morning and then me and Sister Kema had to teach that afternoon with no lesson plans. The lesson was not going to well because I could barely think in English let alone Japanese. We had our hymn books with us and I felt the urge to share a hymn with him. I flipped to "I am a child of God" and since I couldn't sing it I handed it to him and just told him to read it. The spirit was so strong and then after he read it, me and Kema Shimai bore our testimonies. After, I asked him to pray and he prayed!! That experience made me realize that we really aren't the teachers, the spirit is.
-We watched "The Will of God" by Elder Christofferson and it was so good. A couple things I really like from it:
     •Pray for his love-inspired correction
     •Thank you for loving me enough to cut me down.
Sister Wunderli
PICS (going down):
1) the blue man group
2) my companion and our Kohai
3) the best zone ever
4) district pic always necessary
5) queso pic to come next week

I think it's important that you know how much Jordan appreciates your support and any correspondence you send whether it is through email, snail mail or (Unit 82, JPN-TOK, SEP13).  As her dad, I also really appreciate an support you give - prayers are great and correspondence is as well.  She can receive emails every day but can only right them on Wednesday.  She may not have time to respond to everyone since her time is very limited but she really does appreciate it.  Until next week, enjoy and make it a great week.

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  1. What an exciting time for Jordan aka Sister Wunderli! It is so fun to read about her week and read about her experience's and see the growth in her testimony and the spirit testify to our hearts. Love her.. We dropped Nathan aka Elder Gerrard off this morning at the MTC. I hope they have a chance to say hello to each other. With tears in our eyes and happy hearts we bid a farewell to the best 18 months - 2 years that will imprint on their hearts forever. Mission's totally rock!