Sunday, March 26, 2017

Do it for the LINE??? Social Media...

It's Sunday night so you know what that means.  It's time for the Wunderful World of Disney...AKA Jordan's email time.  I can commiserate with her riding in adverse conditions - With all the bike riding I've done, I've ridden in some bad rain and some really bad winds so I feel sorry for her that she had to ride in that.  It sounds like it was worth it, though.  I have to admit, I have dessert stomach because I always have room for dessert.  :) . Enjoy her email and as always, feel free to share your thoughts or ask any questions you might have.

We were busy this entire week, but don't have too much to show for it because it was all meetings and biking! We had zone conference, interviews, and a ward fireside where we explained what mission school was. It was a good week, and made me appreciate teaching appointments and finding because we couldn't do too much of that haha.

Line is a social media app that almost everyone uses in Japan (it's as popular as instagram and snapchat in America), but basically it's like Facebook messenger where you can just chat back and forth with people and such. Well the reason I'm going on about a social media website is its been approved for our mission! See what usually happens is we ask a high school student who is interested in English if we can exchange contact info so we can get together to study English together and they say eh no; sometimes they don't even tell us their name! But for some reason they'll always give us their line! On our way home from the train station we got 4 high school students lines and they are all interested in English and now we can actually try and meet up with them! It's a miracle! I'm so thankful for line hahaha. 

We met with her this week and went over temples again and the law of tithing. We're really trying to get her ready to do baptisms for the dead! And she wants to be baptized for her grandma. She says she doesn't feel worthy enough to go into such a holy place so we're trying to assure her that she is worthy enough! She's so cute. We also taught her tithing and we still haven't gotten her tithing slips (I know, we're bad), but she asked us for them! She goes, " where can I get tithing slips to pay the money?" She's the best haha. 

Wet rats: 
We scheduled time on Tuesday to bike to a less actives house and put hearts in her mailbox and leave her a note because her or her active mom haven't been to church in awhile. We didn't realize how far of a bike ride it actually was and it ended up pouring rain the entire day; well we ended up biking 3.5 hours in the pouring rain just to take 2 seconds to put the hearts and note in her mailbox. We didn't know if it was worth it, but the next day we got a call from her and asked if we could give the Elders their address because she is sick and wanted a blessing, so I think it was all worth it. We also showed up to a different appointment looking like wet rata, no joke, we were soaked and muddy and disgusting haha oops. 

Word of the week:
Word: betsubara 
Meaning: dessert stomach 
Pronunciation: beh-tsu-ba-da 

I love you all, but God loves you more!!
Wunderli Shimai 

1. Obaachan❤❤
2. Curry party yoshi 
3. Kiryu zone
4. My lovely companion acting out a pamphlet pic
5. My face is on a flier yoshi
6. Before we looked like actual wet rats 
7-10. Japanese gardens are the coolest

Bonus pictures from a guy (Donald DeBate) who served a mission in Japan about 35 years ago who was visiting Japan with his daughter and just happened to visit Jordan's ward in Kumagaya.

I've said it before and I'll probably say it every week - thanks for your thoughts, prayers, snail mail and email.  We all appreciate them.  

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  1. I've enjoyed reading all of Jordan's updates. I like how she organizes them into sections and appreciate learning a few words in Japanese. We're happy she's having a wonderful mission. She might be interested in visiting Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island. They have a wonderful Japanese garden there.