Monday, April 3, 2017

Natta fan of Natto...BUT I am a fan of Japan and I'm loving the people

Because of zone p-day I didn't get to email live with Jordan but I did get several emails including this great weekly email.  It makes me so happy that she's loving her mission and the people of Japan.  She's got another great investigator who is very close to baptism so that's a great thing as well.  Next week is when the transfer calls happen and she's afraid that she and Gomer Shimai will be split up so she's praying they get to stay together one more time - I'll be praying for that as well but it's whatever the mission president thinks is best and is inspired to do.  Based on the last pictures (see bottom of post), I think the word of the week was very appropriate.  Thanks for reading and enjoy.

Wow I'm just having a grand ole time here. This week was great and filled with lots of smiles. 

We were finally able to meet Kiriko this week (the referral we got from the Niigata sisters)!  We actually went to her apartment twice this week.; the first time we biked to it and were just hoping she would be there because she would never really text us back to set up a real appointment. The bike ride was 2 hours each way and she ended up not being there so we left her chocolate, hearts, and map to the church, and a note. We texted her the next day and she thanked us and when we asked if we could meet she said yes!!  

We went back the next day (by train this time) and met with her. She is 20, loves Disney, and works in a floral shop; she's just the cutest!! She told us that she's been praying, reading the scriptures everyday, and keeping the word of wisdom! We told her about the young adults in our ward and about the activities coming up and she was really excited about them. We gave her homework to read Alma 32 and she had read the whole thing within an hour after we left and messaged us saying her thoughts on it..did I mention she's amazing?? And on Sunday she came to church! Everyone just jumped on her and loved her immediately. She told us after that it feels like the Niigata branch so it feels like home. 

Weekly Engrid update/praise:
We met with Engrid and had a lesson on prophets since general conference is being broadcast this next weekend in Japan. We gave her two general conference talks to watch in preparation for next week and I'm pretty sure she's watched the whole last general conference... when we went to visit her a few days later she said she's just been playing the talks all day and listening to them.. she loves them!! She's so great.

Zone p-day: 
For zone p-day about 14 (give or take a couple) got together and just had a ball. We played tons of little games and although my team didn't win first in a lot of things, we won first in spirit. We did win in volleyball though so ya know.. one of the things we had to do though was an eating competition to see who could eat natto the fastest.. well the English translation for natto is fermented soybeans and is perhaps the grossest food on the planet. Someone even told me it's in the top 10 for most smelly foods in the world so there ya go. Anyway Gorner Shimai and I about threw up so we definitely didn't win that one, but we tried our best haha and didn't throw up which is what really counts.

Word of the week:
Word: furisosogu
Pronunciation: foo-di-so-so-gew
Meaning: to rain incessantly, to downpour 

As Kiriko said, kumagaya feels like home to me too. I have grown to love it here so much and I'm so grateful to be in such a special place. Have a great week everyone!! 
Wunderli Shimai 

1 and 2: the Sakura is starting to bloom woohoo 
3. These drinks were way overpriced but the cool bottles were worth it 
4. Kiryu!!
5. Just such a vibrant plant
6. Kiriko! Bad quality pic, high quality time 
7. Sometimes you just gotta stop and take a juice box break
8. *tries to take a decent pic for our flier* Elder Jones, "stair off in the distance!" 
9. Comin' in live from kumagaya 
10. This tree looks like popcorn 
11. It was pouring rain and we didn't want our helmets to get wet and I'm wearing my rain suit.. well hope this brightens your day 

As always, thanks for your support.  Thanks for your positive thoughts, prayers, emails and snail mail.  I can't stress enough how much Jordan appreciates all of them and they all help because she's having such a great experience.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comment section.  Back with more next week.

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