Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Temple P-day, Girls Day (an actual holiday in Japan), Small Miracles and Hamburgers are GOOD!!

It was a Temple P-day this week and because of that, Jordan's emails were over a day later and VERY early on Tuesday morning so none of us were up to respond to her.  I'm really looking forward to this Sunday when we can have some interaction in email time.  Here's her email with some more small miracles and a few other interesting things that are new for her.

This week was full of finding and mission school! Now that Engrid is baptized, we really need to find some new investigators.

Girls' day: 
On March 3rd, it is Girls' day in Japan and everyone goes to these doll festivals that they have. So a member took us with her daughter and her friend. Apparently, the biggest doll pyramid is in my area! This festival/holiday has been going on for thousands of years so it was really cool to see more of the history of this amazing country! 

Mission school miracles:
As you all know, we're trying to build up mission school (those English classes) and this week we had a few small miracles with it. We were biking home one day and we stopped on the side to wait for the cars to pass by so that we could turn and this car pulls up right next to us and the lady in the car says, "You teach English right?" We nodded our heads yes in amazement and then she said, "Great, I can't come today but I'll come next week!" We said great and she went on her way.

Then we had a day full of rejections. We had been finding all day and no one had interest. We went to a member's house to teach a lesson and she ended up being too busy, so we went to one of our investigator's house but she wasn't there either; nothing was going the way we wanted it to, BUT we got call at around 8:30pm from someone we had no idea who the lady was saying she wanted to bring her son to kid Eikaiwa the next day. And they came!! Tender mercies are everywhere! 

Finally, we had a new student come to Eikaiwa 2 Saturdays ago and this week she came to Wednesday night Eikaiwa (we have 2 Eikaiwas, one Saturday, one Wednesday) and she brought 5 of her friends so we have 5 more new students!! How amazing is that!! Woohoo building up mission school! 

Engrid is doing absolutely amazing. She took us out to sushi (yum) on Tuesday to thank us for preparing her to get baptized. She texted us and told us that she knows that the LDS church is about families being happy and that she has noticed a change in her life because of the gospel. The amount of faith she has continues to amaze me and I'm so grateful to have her in my life.

I love you all. I love Japan. I love my mission. I love the temple (we had temple P-day this week). And I love hamburgers. 
Wunderli Shimai 

1 and 2. TOKYO TOKYO like in the movies 
3. The best hamburger I've had while on my mission. Boy it was yummy and I'm so grateful for it. 
4 and 5. temple Pday!  
6-8. the Hina dolls for the festival 
9. The girls 

A few more pics Jordan wanted to share that weren't in her regular email:
1. The largest pyramid of dolls in Japan
2. Wednesday night Eikaiwa went from 0 to 6 real quick
3. We made origami hearts and put fliers in them to pass around one day

As always, thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, emails and snail mail.  We probably appreciate them almost as much as Jordan.  Here's her email for those of you who would like to email her but may not have her address:  jordan.wunderli@myldsmail.net.  

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