Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another Baptism and a Miracle Referral...Exciting Stuff

Does anybody know what time it is?  That's right, it's email time with Sister Jordan Wunderli.  This was a great email for a few reasons.  First, I LOVE the word of the week.  I can just hear her saying to me.  More importantly, I love the fact that she has another baptism coming up with a lady who she taught a couple of times when she was on spits in Niigata.  Very cool.  Finally, I love the referral from Ingrid and the story behind it.  I can't wait to see how that story develops.  At any rate, here's the email - read it for yourself and enjoy.

The weeks keep going by faster and faster... I've now been in Japan for 6 months and a missionary for 8 months. Where has the time gone?! I love being a missionary!! 

The miracle referral:
A few weeks back we got a call from the Niigata Sisters, who were my old sister training leaders, so I was thinking why the heck are they calling us?! We answered the phone and that's when they told us the best news ever: "Our investigator is moving to your area and she wants to be baptized." WHATT. As if it can't get any better, I asked the investigators name and it was Kiriko; I know her!! I've met her a couple of times when I went on exchanges with Niigata Sister back in my Sado days. 

This week, the Niigata Sisters set up a Skype call with us and Kiriko so that we could meet her. I was a little nervous that she wouldn't remember me but she totally did!! We talked to her about Kumagaya and told her how great the ward was and just got to know her a little better. She's moving here on March 19

My mom in Japan (Engrid)
We had a lesson with Engrid this week about temples and family history. Right now we are trying to prepare her to go to the temple so she can do baptisms for the dead. And she said she really wants to go to the temple! She told us that she's been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and that she's trying to apply it to her life (she's so amazing). At the end of the lesson, we asked her if she had any friends who she thought would be ready to hear the gospel and she said yes! She told us about her filipino friend. Then she called us later and told us she set up an appointment her for the next day. We thought she was busy so we asked her if she had enough time to go and she goes, "This is important; we're saving souls!" Wow I could go on for days on how strong Engrid's faith is, how good of an example she is, and just how much I love her! 

The miracle referral part 2:
So on Sunday we had to do member splits (Sister Gorner and I had members as our companions) because we were so busy! Gorner Shimai went with Engrid to meet the referral and I was stuck in 5 hours worth of meetings for church! The meetings were indeed long but we got a lot of stuff done so that was good. Now for the exciting part: the referral! Apparently the referral is just kin (golden). She was saying how it doesn't make sense that there is more than one church and only one God and how she's been searching for the truth (sounds a little like this guy named Joseph Smith ya know). But anyway Gorner Shimai and Engrid taught her the restoration and Engrid was able to testify to her of the truth and how this church has changed her. Her name is Rowena and she's a filipino and we're going back next Sunday to teach her and she's coming to church! I can't wait to meet her!! I think we need to start a filipino branch with all of these Filipinos were teaching.  DANG! 

Word of the week:
Word: chichi 
Pronunciation: chee-chee 
Meaning: (my) dad

I love seeing what affect the gospel has in people's lives. The gospel has definitely had a tremendous impact on mine and has made my life 100000x better. I love this gospel.
Wunderli Shimai 

Pics (sorry we took hardly any this week oops):
1. Nap time with the comp
2. Wednesday night Eikaiwa is where it's at 
3. I love Obaachan with all my heart

As always, thanks for your support.  We really appreciate your thoughts, prayers, emails and snail mail.  Jordan always mentions how thankful she is to get any of these things.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to share them.  

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