Sunday, November 27, 2016

Missionary REBELS - staying out past curfew AND bedtime...

Good news, bad news, and miracles.  I'll let you read all about them below but the mission presidents wife told us via facebook that she is very impressed with Jordan's Japanese.  That makes me happy to hear that.  I just hope that she continues to progress and that she is starting to feel comfortable with the language.  Enjoy the email and, as always, feel free to post comments in the comments section or to ask questions.  Thanks for your prayers, emails, letters and thoughts.

English club:
At the beginning of this transfer, we started an English club on Sado. Every week, on Tuesdays, at 7pm we have a room rented at the Sado community center. We've passed out countless fliers and have been there every week without fail and no one has shown up. This happened 4 weeks in a row. This Tuesday we start biking to the community center (45-minute bike ride) and it's pouring rain and really windy and cold, and I just kept thinking to myself, "Someone better show up, please Heavenly Father!!" We made it to the community center soaking wet and chilled to the bone and started setting up. The door opened, "Is this where English club is?" Umm heck yes it is!! I about peed myself I was so excited. Reimi San is our first student and she's basically fluent in English so we just talked to her and got to know her. She works for the tourism department in Sado (we've been trying to get connections there) and she said she's going to bring a friend to English club this upcoming week!! She was so awesome and I am so thankful for this big miracle.

We had a special "Store" Eikaiwa in Ryotsu with some shop owners on Tuesday. We taught English in a store to 4 ladies and they were the funnest ladies ever! We taught them the word "sweet" and how Americans use it to mean "great" and the whole lesson they just kept saying "sweet!!" They were pretty sweet, to say the least.

Yoshiko San:
Sadly, Yoshiko San is no longer a progressing investigator. She is still an investigator, so we still teach her, but she isn't keeping her commitments. She has a huge testimony of Jesus Christ, but she's not too interested in the church, just talking with us. We're going to keep teaching her and I think someday she will be ready to accept the gospel, that day just isn't today. I still love her so so much though!!

Zone conference:
My first zone conference was a success. Lots of trainings and lots of learning pretty much sums it up. Something that was said that I liked a lot was we need to be more patient with our investigators. It took most of us 18 years to fully convert so why should we expect them to convert in a month?! This put it in a new perspective for me and made me realize that I definitely need to be more patient.

Just a little past curfew:
It was a struggle getting home after zone conference. President Nagano let us take the 7:30pm ferry to get home which would mean we wouldn't get back to our apartment until 11pm (a whole 2 hours past normal curfew and 30 minutes past our bedtime). We get to the bus station to get on a bus to go to where the ferry is docked, except there were no more buses! We were already late and it's about a 15-minute bus ride to the ferry port, so we started running. We ran all the way there with 5 minutes to spare and got our 2-way ticket out and gave it to the guy and he said, "This is a one-way ticket you can't use it again." Well we definitely knew it was a 2 way ticket because it said it on there and we've ridden the ferry enough times to know what ticket to buy, but he wasn't having it and the gate was going to close, so we bought another $25 ferry ticket and we got on just in time. We got back to our apartment at 11pm and we were absolutely exhausted!!

Eikaiwa round 2 and 3:
We taught another store Eikaiwa, but this time in Ogi. We had 3 people there and they loved it and want to do it again next week. Then, when we were talking to other store owners, a lady invited us in to do an Eikaiwa right then and there! We ended teaching to her and her friend and she wants us to come back next week too! (If only this were about the gospel, dang).

Word of the week:
Word: yoshi
Pronunciation: yo-sh
Meaning: sweet, great

Wunderli Shimai

1. Ramen!!!
2. A Japanese temple I think?
3. I saw this wall while we were biking and I yell, "stop it's monsters freaking inc" and of course u had to take a pic because how random is that??
4. A shrine or something
5. The Niigata zone
6. A shrine
7. We live 2 minutes away from this gorgeous view

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