Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's Transfer Time and Sister Jordan Wunderli is Going to...

SADO.  Yes.  That's right.  She's STAYING in Sado while her companion and both elders are leaving the island for the main island of Japan, Honshu.  Next week's email will be a fun one because we'll get to hear about her new companion and how everything is progressing on Sado with the new "team."  Jordan was excited to stay because she's hoping to see more development before she leaves.

Some very positive things happened this week and she shared lots of great stuff in her email along with some interesting pictures.  Without further ado, here is Jordan's email.

Wow! I swear it was October yesterday and now it's December! It's really cold which is making me really grateful for the heated toilet seats here... but anyway, time is flying!! I'm now a 3rd transfer missionary. Yes, that's right, a THIRD TRANSFER!! So everyone on Sado is transferring except for me! My new companion is Sister Boden and I hear that she's a boss so I'm soooooo stoked to meet her. Transfers are on Wednesday, but we go to Niigata on Tuesday. I'm so stoked for this transfer!!!

Store Eikaiwa in Ryotsu:
I love the ladies that come to store Eikaiwa soooo much. They always come to class with English questions and just love to learn. At the end of the class, one lady said, in English, "I wish we could meet everyday!!" We taught them "the" and "a" today which was pretty hard to explain, but they requested it. The more I teach English, the harder I realize it is! They also asked us if we go to college or work while we are on our missions so we got to explain to them that we are full-time volunteer missionaries. We don't get paid for doing this. They were so amazed. Then they asked how long we have been there and when we told them only 2 (6 for Call shimai) months they were so surprised at how good our Japanese was. I feel like this Eikaiwa will open doors and I'm so excited to see where it goes!!

English Club:
Reimi San came to English club again!! We had fun talking to her again. We talked about our thoughts on tourism on Sado and she loved it. She said next English club, she's going to bring her husband!! She also gave us a huge bag of fruit to take hahaha.

Store Eikaiwa in Ogi:
Two new people came to Eikaiwa this week, so we ended up teaching 5 people! It was funny because we teach Eikaiwa in an alcohol/tobacco store and the owner offered us tea so we had to explain that we don't drink tea, then she offered us coffee so we had to explain that we don't drink coffee. Then, the asked if we drink alcohol and we said no. They were all in shock. They asked us if the only thing we can drink is water. We told them no, and then started to talk about the word of wisdom, but they didn't really care about that haha. So, we taught them some English. We taught them some directional words and how to give directions in English. They loved it!

Brazil Night:
What a success!! One of the Elders in my district is from Brazil so we had a Brazil night in honor of him. It worked out because one of his investigators is also from Brazil and was happy to help with some real, authentic Brazilian food. We had something called "feijoada" which was meat, beans, rice, this salad stuff, and this yummy powder stuff. There were bones in with the meat, and the weirdest thing was you could eat the bones! It was actually way good, though. Two high school girls came which is an absolute miracle because that has never happened before. I was able to talk to them for a little and one of them added me as a friend on Facebook and then asked if she could take a picture with me! So we're basically BFFs. One of our investigators, Yamaji San (she came to girls' night a couple weeks back), came and she had so much fun. She was taking pictures and talking with everyone! I asked if she would come to church and she said yes! Towards the end of the activity, the Elders' Brazilian investigator and his family played some traditional Brazilian music with the Brazilian instruments! It was so cool! I felt like I was a missionary in Brazil for a little while haha.

Yamaji San came to church!!
And she stayed for the whole 3 hours! During the second hour, we were able to do a douseki lesson (member-present) with her. We talked a little about the plan of salvation, faith, baptism, and prayer. We had two members in the lesson with us and they were able to tell her their conversion story and to just talk to her. At the end of the lesson, Call Shimai asked her if she could pray and she goes, "I don't know how to pray! It's hard!" And then jokingly I said, "I don't know nihongo (Japanese), but I'm trying!" Everyone busted out laughing, but it worked and she prayed to end the lesson.

Funny Story:
While Call Shimai and I were waiting for the bus, we talked to a lady. We talked about who we are and why we are living on Sado. Then she asks if we were married to each other!!! We immediately looked at each other in horror and said no!!! We had a good laugh after that and we're also thankful we actually understood what she was saying because how bad would it have been if we just nodded our head and said yes!!

Word of the week:
Word: yorokobi
Pronunciation: yo-row-ko-be
Meaning: joy

Wunderli Shimai

1. Real authentic Brazilian food 
2. The high school friends that came to Brazilian night
3. There was stuff growing inside this house too!!
4. My new ride
5. Aikawa
6. The district 
7. Sushi in a bowl
8. A shrine in Aikawa 
9. A house we saw while housing
10. Aikawa!!

As always, thanks for your prayers, thoughts, emails and letters.  We all appreciate them very much.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them in the comments section or reach out to me.  

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