Sunday, November 13, 2016

More Small Miracles for Sister Jordan Wunderli

It's email time for Sister Jordan Wunderli and I'm always excited for this time because we get to communicate in real time but I also get to hear, ok read, all about her week and see what good things have happened.  In my emails to her, I always provide words of encouragement and try to share inspiring scriptures that might resonate well with her.  She says it helps her get through the week and that these things motivate her to persevere and to work as hard as she can.  She was my workout buddy when she swam and she always worked out really hard and put forth a good effort and it paid off for her so I know that she is driven and that she will put forth the effort - especially with a little nudge from her dad.  She was rewarded for her efforts this week with a few firsts.  Check it out.

I'm convinced that the 12 branch members here on Sado are the best ones in the world!! One family invited us over for dinner and another took us to dinner and did a lesson with us!

Yoshiko San lesson:
Woo-hoo we had a douseki lesson (member-present lesson). The Hamada family came and taught Yoshiko San with us and it was great because now they are really good friends. It turns out that they knew each other somehow because of work so they already had that common ground. I didn't understand much of what was going on in that lesson because they talked in fast Japanese most of the time, but she wants to keep coming to church!! The lesson was 3 hours long, which a lesson should never be 3 hours long, but we didn't know how to leave! We didn't want to be rude, and the Hamada family was going to give us a ride back to our apartment...We went back to Yoshiko San's house a few days later and read the Book of Mormon with her. She promised to read it every day!

New potential investigator:
We were walking the streets in Ryotsu and this little old lady was walking in front of us so we decided to talk to her. We asked her if she has heard of Christ before and she said yes AND that she believes in Christ! What!? Apparently, she has some Christian friends, but she doesn't actually belong to a church and she reads all of their stuff that they give her. We asked if we could teach her more and she said yes and gave us her address!!

Coolest little miracle:
We had to get to the Ryotsu community center, so, we were walking around thinking we knew where to go. We passed this lady on the street and she goes, "oh you're going to the community center, it's this way" and she tells us where to actually go. The cool thing is that we have no clue how she knew where we were going. There's no way she should've known! We had to go to the community center to set up an appointment, but we are definitely going to go back and visit her!

Store Eikaiwa (English class):
On Sado, we are starting a special Eikaiwa for store owners. We want to target the more touristy places and teach them English so that the tourism grows here. We found a place to do it at (the community center) and we have been talking to store owners about a good time to do it. Some said they were too busy, some said they had no interest, but we had some promising ones too. One lady said that there was a store owner association group and at their next meeting she would talk to them about doing it and then call us. Another lady we talked to asked if we could do a personal Eikaiwa with her and her friends right in her store! She actually called us on Sunday and set up appointment with her and 4 friends for Tuesday!! 

Frosty the snowman was playing (in English) on the streets in Ryotsu which was pretty funny. It's only the middle of November and we're on a little island and here Frosty the snowman is. I love Christmas!!

Word of the week:
Word: suteki
Pronunciation: stecky
Meaning: stylish, cool, superb

Wunderli Shimai

1. Our rain pants and we're wearing about 4 jackets each, it's been cold in Sado
2. Some traditional houses
3. A cute little alley way
4. This town is ancient
5. My new bff
6. An example of a random vending machine
7. Beautiful Sado
8. A Buddhist shrine

Like last week more good stuff happened this week including the first dinner invitations by members on Sado.  I love the pictures and can't wait to visit.  As always, thanks for your emails and letters.  She loves and appreciates the support.  Feel free to leave a comment and ask questions.  

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