Sunday, November 20, 2016

Teaching: English and the gospel, girls' night out (sort of) and baking - YUM.

It's Sunday evening before Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for the couple of hours that I get to email back and forth with my daughter.  I'm also thankful that she is working hard in the service of the Lord.  The time from Thanksgiving through New Years is my favorite time of year.  I love Thanksgiving because it kicks off the holiday season in such a great way and gets us in the spirit of giving which is a great spirit to be in for Christmas.  The holiday season also gives me more time to spend with my family which is always a great thing for me - I love time with my family.  This Christmas will be a little extra special because we get to skype with Jordan - we get to see and talk to her for the first time in several months.  She will have been on her mission for 5 months and 12 days on Christmas.  With that, I give you her email from this week.

I want on exchanges with Riggs Shimai and she's also from Vegas!! This is her last transfer! We went to Ogi and found a place that we could teach English to store owners. We didn't have a whole lot of luck, but on our way home two high school students were sitting in front of me so I started to talk to them. We ended up talking the entire way to the bus station (an hour). I showed them some pictures of America, and they showed me some of Japan. They told me about their families and how they want to visit America! I told them about English club and they were super excited about it so I hope they come next week!! Other than that, Sister Riggs and I just ate a ton the whole day and laughed a ton as well. We ate ice cream, 5 donuts (each), drank hot chocolate made from a vending machine (go Japan), and topped it off with a ton of Sado rice (the best rice). As for mine and Riggs Shimai's companions... they taught the first Eikaiwa on Sado!! I'm soooooo excited! And this week I get to teach the 2nd! Things are looking good for Sado!

Japanese style baking:
We had a little activity where we decorated a cake and then ate it. Genius right? So making the cake was definitely an experience. There are no ovens in Japan so baking isn't really a thing. We bought cake mix at the store and made it at our apartment. The box of cake mix comes with a make-your-own-pan because I guess no one owns pans since you can't really bake. So we made that and poured the cake mix in it and then we cooked it in the microwave!! The CO alarm went off while the cake was cooking and so we ran out of the apartment thinking we were going to die. It was freezing cold outside and we didn't grab jackets on our way out so we really thought we were in trouble. We called Sister Nagano and she explained that the CO detector was also a smoke detector and to just move it away from the microwave. Turns out she was right and everything was okay. And the most important part is the cake turned out great!!

Girls' night:
So only two people showed up for girls' night, but it was a potential investigator and a ward member! We ended up having a douseki (member-present) lesson. The potential investigator isn't too interested in the church right now, but she's not scared of us so that's a start. Right now we just want to build trust with her and form a good relationship. She's pretty lonely right now because her husband died a couple of years ago. So we are trying to help her have fun and to have more friends. Anway, the cake tasted way good which I was pleasantly surprised about.

Eikaiwa in Ogi:
Call Shimai and I went back to Ogi a few days later and talked to more store owners. We talked to one that had interest that Riggs Shimai and I had talked to earlier in the week. And we set up an Eikaiwa class with her and another store owner!! This coming Saturday! Soon Eikaiwa is going to be all over this little island.

Word of the week:
Word: kuiaratame
Pronunciation: koo-ee-aw-da-taw-meh
Meaning: repentance

Wunderli Shimai

1. I thought this was cool
2. We always have pretty bike rides
3. Our cake!
4. Kaki
5. Riggs Shimai and I love Mr. Donut
6. OGI
7. Girls' night

I always love the pictures and the great experiences in her email.  As always, she appreciates all of your support as do we.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions.  Until next week, make your week a great one.

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