Monday, October 31, 2016

Two Miracles (Kiseki) This Week for Sister Jordan Wunderli in the Rain and Cold

I'm always praying for Jordan to have a great day and an awesome week.  I email her 5-7 days a week, sometimes a couple of times a day  depending on if things happen or thoughts come up that I want to share.  I always encourage her and challenge her to make today better than yesterday and to work harder (and smarter) today than yesterday.  In a private email to me yesterday, she thanked me for challenging her last week to make it her best week yet on her mission and she did.  She said she loves how I push her and support her.  I will always do that with love because I want her to achieve everything she wants to achieve and to have no regrets.  I also remind her how proud I am of her and the choices she makes.  With no further ado, here is her email with some good pictures.

Happy Halloween!! What a wunderful week it has been.

Kiseki (miracle):
We went housing on Tuesday and stopped at this one house. An old lady answered (probably 90) and we introduced ourselves and asked if we could come in and share a message. To our surprise, she said yes! We went in and knelt right in the genkan (entry way) and taught her who God was. We told her that God was our loving Heavenly Father and that we can communicate with him through prayer. We showed her one of our pamphlets but her eye sight is so bad, she couldn't read it. I don't know how much she understood, or how much she could hear, but the spirit was so strong and she seemed rather interested in our message. She kept looking at the pamphlet, and folded her arms when we prayed. We showed her how to pray and then asked if she would pray about our message and she said yes. We asked her if we could come back to teach her more and she said yes!!

Another kiseki:
We were biking down a street and we saw a grandma and her 30 year old daughter. We went over and started talking to them in Japanese and introducing ourselves and they say after about 2 minutes, "We don't know what language to speak to you guys in." They say this in perfect English!! No one speaks English on Sado so that really was a miracle. Turns out they are from the UK and they are visiting family. They told us they were really impressed and confused when we started speaking to them in Japanese. They also said that they have seen the missionaries in the UK before and that they would give our pamphlet to their family!!

Classic bean (new missionary, aka me) move:
So we had been planning for our Halloween party the whole day on Thursday. We had forgotten our jackets (sorry mom, don't get mad), and we were starving. We planned to go back to our apartment for a late dinner and then go back to the church to continue setting up. So we biked the entire way back (20 minutes), and we were absolutely freezing cold. We got to our apartment and that's when I realized that I had forgotten our keys #classicbeanmove. So, I tell Call Shimai and she goes "It's okay we will just go to Fukufuku." Fukufuku is our favorite place to eat on Sado, so we went there. We grabbed ice cream from the convenient store after that and biked back to the church. The Elders weren't there yet so we just sat outside, in the freezing cold (still no jackets), eating ice cream, and looking at the stars. It was amazing, actually.

Halloween Party:
What a success!! After days of stress, planning, and prepping, our Halloween party turned out pretty good. Prepping for a halloween party is not easy in Sado; there are no decorations anywhere. Call Shimai and I biked to about 10 different stores on Thursday and couldn't find anything so we had to get creative. About 25 people came (a ton for Sado), and everyone was laughing and having a good time. We played the game where you tie a balloon to your ankle and everyone tries to pop each others' balloon; it was hilarious. Then we played the game where you have an oreo on your head and you have to try and get it to your mouth with no hands, also hilarious. And for our last game we played "who can wrap the mummy the fastest." I was one of the mummies so I couldn't see much, but from what I heard, everyone was having a great time.

Word of the week:
Word: Watashi
Pronunciation: waw-taw-she
Meaning: I/me

Wunderli Shimai

1. My neighbor's traditional Japanese house that I just love
2. Call Shimai and I made this wunderful mummy
3. The church transformed
4. Jerry the mummy (also where everyone took pics)
5. We had too much fun going through Halloween decor, also meet the newest member of our district, Elder Aiken (the one wearing a wig)
6. I'm the mummy!!
7. This pumpkin weighed 40 kg
8. More decor
9. We were soaked after biking through the rain for 3 hours 

These are two cute missionaries spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in any and every kind of weather.  The smiles on their faces show their great attitude and spirit.  Keep up the great work, sisters.  As always, feel free to comment on the blog or ask questions.  She loves the emails and letters she gets.  Her email address is  Thanks for reading and thanks for your prayers and support.

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