Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's Sister Jordan Wunderli's email time - my favorite

It's my favorite time of the week.  It's email time.  I was treated to a special bonus this week when I received a hand-written letter from Jordan on Tuesday or Wednesday.  She included some very special thoughts on what I meant to her as a father as well as some great details of some of our travels together that brought back lots of wonderful memories for me.  I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful daughter (and a great son, I might add).  With no further ado, here is her email:

This week was pretty busy and I'm learning more and more that every day I'm a missionary is a happy day.

Exchanges round three:
The Sister Training Leaders came to Sado and we went on exchanges again. This time I was companions with Koyama Shimai (she's Japanese and only speaks Japanese). The day consisted of me saying the most Japanese I know and her saying the most English that she knows and then if one of us still didn't understand we would just say Gomen!! (Sorry). We got so much work done, though; we taught a lesson with a less active member, and we talked to many high school students about Eikaiwa (our free English class). We went to district lunch at Fukufuku and it was so yummy!! The seating was traditional Japanese - We knelt on the floor at a table. It was so fun because our district doubled in size because the zone leaders came in town for exchanges as well.

TWO lessons with Yoshiko San:
Lesson 1:
We had to go to Niigata for interviews on Thursday and we decided to stop by Yoshiko San since we haven't had the chance to meet with her recently. Well she was so excited to see us and invited us right into her house. She gave us so much food and just said how happy she was that we were there. We shared a message on God as our lovely Heavenly Father and we showed her the Mormon message "earthly father, Heavenly Father" and she was crying so much by the end of it. She showed us a picture of her dad that she carried around with her (he passed away). She then told us that her heart blossoms when she meets with us. But since we had a second lesson with her, we now officially have a progressing investigator!!

Lesson 2:
We came back from Niigata on Friday night and then had to go again on Sunday (I know we travel a ton). Again we thought we should stop by Yoshiko San's. We called her and she was like no I'll come pick you up. She came and picked us up, so we didn't have to take the hour bus ride! She stopped at the store and we stayed in the car with her cat (she brings it everywhere) and her cat was climbing all over us; it was so funny hahaha. Then we get to where the ferry is docked and we all get out of the car and we teach her in the ferry terminal. We taught her a little of the plan of salvation and how families can live together forever (since her dad died), and we also taught her about baptism. She loved everything we said and I think she believed it too? She told us that we were her best friends and how thankful she was for the message we shared. She still hasn't come to church because she goes fishing on Sunday (we're working on that).

We went to Niigata on Thursday for interviews with our mission president and his wife on Friday. They are the cutest people ever and care so much about each one of us. I also found out that their daughter served in the same mission as my mom - LA - but she was English speaking. Call Shimai and I had ordered peanut butter from the mission home so they brought that with them too, so now we have peanut butter!!

I finally got my own bike:
I've been using a former missionary's bike since there is no bike shop on Sado, but that bike was super old so we decided to get me one when we went to Niigata for interviews. That was an adventure... we got the bike and then had to walk it an hour and a half to where the ferry comes. Then we had to put it in the bike bag and I had to carry it onto the ferry (so awkward and heavy). Then I had to carry it onto the bus from the ferry and then all the way back to the apartment (it was a good workout). But the bike got there in 1 piece and I absolutely love it!!

Word of the week:
Japanese: wakachiau
Pronunciation: walk-a-chee-ow
Meaning: to share

Wunderli Shimai

1. my bike (that's also our apartment in the back)
2. Views from the ferry
3. We have peanut butter!!!
4. The cutest Nihonjin (Japanese person) ever!! Koyama Shimai!
5. I got hungry on the ferry and only had chopsticks and peanut butter...
6. Niigata (basically my second area haha)
7. The Sister Training Leaders and my lovely companion

This is a great looking bike - we'll modify it with a Utah sticker.  :)

I love that she's Japanese and wearing a USA t-shirt.  Awesome and a great smile, too.

Two great tastes that taste great together, peanut butter and chopsticks.  Hmmm.

Four cute gals with great spirits spreading the Word.  I love it.

Jordan is in Niigata as she is emailing us right now.  She said that their train for Tokyo leaves at 3:00 and they will get there this evening at 8:00.  She said she gets to sleep in a regular bed in the Mission home (I've asked her what she sleeps in at her apartment and will add that when I get an answer) and is looking forward to that.  She'll be there for two nights and then take the train back on Wednesday and then I think the ferry back to Sado on Thursday.  Lots of travel this week but she also gets to see the mission president and his wife who she loves along with Elder Bednar (her 2nd time on her mission) who she also loves.  I'm so excited about the progress she and Call Shimai are making with their investigator, Yoshiko San.  That's so exciting for them and I love hearing about Yoshiko; she sounds like such a sweet lady.  I hope I get to meet her when I go to Japan sometime.  

As always, she appreciates your emails, letter, and prayers.  Feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions.  We'll be back with the next episode next Sunday night.  

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