Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Another Week on Sado for Sister Jordan Wunderli

In our last post, I mentioned that I would be late in getting Sister Jordan Wunderli's (Wunderli Shimai) post up but I didn't know how late I'd be.  I was hunting about 20+ miles east of Pioche, NV.  My hunt went from 10/1 - 10/15 - I was going to stay until I got one or until the 9th, whichever came first.  Yesterday morning (Monday) I got one bright and early and we got it all packed up and I headed home.  Much thanks to Jordan for her prayers that I would get one AND be safe (she says lots of good prayers for me about everything from my business to my hunt, my working out to achieve my fitness goals and anything else I need - she is such a great, caring and thoughtful daughter.  I also want to give a shout out to my great friend, Rick Bean, who brought his trailer up for us to camp in and then helped me find my cow elk.  He's a great example of what a good friend should be.

I drove into Pioche on Sunday night so that I could email back and forth with Jordan - I wasn't going to miss that opportunity.  I just didn't have the necessary tools to share it on the blog so without further delay, here it is.  I will note that I love all her pictures but this group has some particularly good ones.  Enjoy and, as always, feel free to comment or ask questions.

Funny thing....
So we were doing a normal study on Tuesday morning and then we had our weekly call with the Sister Training Leaders for our area, and in the call they say "We'll talk more tomorrow at companion exchanges!" Whattttt!? Companion exchanges were not on the calendar for this week! Also, us being on a little island meant that we had to take an hour bus ride and then a two and a half hour ferry ride to get to Niigata for exchanges. So we told them we'd be there and then quickly packed up and caught the bus!

My first thoughts when we got to Niigata:
-Wow there are so many people!!!
-Woah there are so many tall buildings!
-Where are the rice fields?
-Woah a McDonald's, haven't seen one of those in awhile.

I had sushi for the first time in Japan!! What an experience!! It was soooo good and all the sushi was a dollar a plate (Japanese size but still). We sat down at the table and there was a little conveyer belt that went by it where the sushi (that we ordered on the iPad at the table) would just come out in seconds! It was like magic!! Best thing ever and the sushi was soooo good.

Companion exchanges:
-So my companion for the day was Domino Shimai (she's one of the Sister Training Leaders) and she is so cute!! She is always so happy and nice!
-It was so different doing missionary work in Niigata as supposed to on Sado because there were so many people, so we couldn't just talk to everyone. We had to really listen to the spirit as to who we should talk to and where we should go.
-So we went up to this one lady and we were talking to her about who we were and she was pretty interested so we began explaining who God is and she stops us and asks "Where does God live?" We told her that he lives in heaven and she looked up to the sky!! It was the cutest thing ever. That was such an amazing moment because it was like she was just looking up at her Dad. She also gave us her number so we found the Niigata Sisters a potential investigator!!

American night:
For FHE (family night) on Friday night, we had American night. Call Shimai and I made little hamburgers and we had Oreos there as well. We had red, white, and blue decorations (thanks to the Elders), and then we had a ping pong tournament. The whole night went fantastic!! There were so many people there (20 which is a lot for that tiny church building)!! Everyone was amazed at how successful it was.

Testimony meeting:
So I'm sitting in testimony meeting and I think to myself "Okay, I should get up and bare my testimony....when I'm better at Japanese." So I'm sitting there and a member gets up and bore his testimony. Then, after he sat down there was a long pause; no one was getting up. The same thought came into my mind, "Get up!!" I stood up and walked to the podium (well its too late to back out of this now). I bore my testimony in Japanese. I didn't know how to share an experience or how to lighten the mood with a joke. In fact, I bore a testimony that normally a little kid would say, but it was probably my most sincere testimony ever. When I sat down, I felt the spirit so strongly; I felt that my Heavenly Father was proud of me.

Little miracle:
-When we were biking through a dirt road a guy stopped us and waved at us to come closer and he pulls out two humongous Japanese pears and gives them to us (soooo delicious) and then he just drove away. Literally didn't say one word to us at all.

Companion appreciation paragraph:
I was so scared of going to Japan and finding out who my trainer was going to be because I have heard so many horror stories of people not liking their trainer at all!! Well, I guess I lucked out on that one! Sister Call is amazing and she is an amazing example of hard work, perseverance, and making missionary work fun. I'm so glad that I have her as a companion to help me get through this first transfer!!  She's from Utah and loves skiing. She is a great cook and makes me eat healthy which is great.

Word of the week:
Japanese: sukuinushi
Pronunciation: Skewy-nooshi
Meaning: savior

Wunderli Shimai

PICS (going down): 
1. Me and my amazing companion Sister Call #mirrorselfie
2. When you're busy but you still want food... missionary life
3. Niigata!! 
4. Sushi!!!! 
5. I only ate 13 plates. 
6. Sister Domino and I in Niigata 
7. We made hamburgers for American night! Go USA 
8. Sado/home 

I love these pictures and I can't wait to go to Japan in 2020 with Jordan for the Olympics.  I'm a sushi lover and look forward to trying the original.  Jordan did promise me that she would still eat sushi in America with me.  :)  Thanks to all of you who keep her in her prayers, get some joy out of reading her blog, and / or email or write her.  She loves and appreciates all of the support.  Here's her email for anyone who doesn't have it and would like to email her:  jordan.wunderli@myldsmail.net.  Remember that she has very little time to email - about 1.5 hours on Monday - so if you don't get a reply to every email, it's only because her time is extremely limited.  I will also add that I think they did a good job with the hamburgers - there are no buns over there so they had to use regular bread.

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