Sunday, October 9, 2016

Miracle Alert: Wunderli Shimai's companion, Call Shimai, has head on crash on her bicycle with a car and lands on her feet and walks away - bike and helmet are perfectly fine.

I believe it was Thursday night and I'm watching the Utah-Cal game that I recorded while I was on my hunt last weekend and I get a facebook message from Call Shimai's mom saying that she had been in a bicycle accident and that she's o.k but after hearing the details, I was astonished at how she could have walked away, let alone, literally landing on her feet.  Check out the first-hand account from Sister Jordan Wunderli along with the great stuff that comprised the rest of her week.

This week I learned that Japan volleyball is not like American volleyball:
We went to a volleyball club on Monday night to play with some of the community. When I heard volleyball, I was expecting to play volleyball, but it was way different. The net is about as tall as me (and I'm not very tall as you all know), and the ball was a bouncy ball like the ones that you would use for kickball. They also only play with 4 people on a team and the court is really narrow. It was super weird, but fun nonetheless and the people got way into it which made it more fun as well.

Miracle of the week, actually, miracle of my mission:
Wednesday night there was a typhoon warning so our branch president called us and told us to be back in the apartment a little earlier than usual. Call Shimai and I decided to go visit one of our branch members with what little time we had left in our day. We were biking our normal pathway, that we bike almost every single day, and she was about 15 feet in front of me as normal. She was crossing this side street (almost to the other side) when bam. I saw a car hit Call Shimai head on. It looked like one of those action movies where the good guy full on gets hit by a car and then keeps running. I quickly ran over to her and the guy that hit her was yelling at her! We had no idea how to really talk back with him so I grabbed the phone and called our district leader so he could come and translate. The man pointed to his car and kept yelling so we went over and looked at his car. The windshield was completely shattered and the hood had a dent in it. Call Shimai was seemingly fine, her helmet didn't even have a mark on it, and her bike was completely fine. The police got there (the first time I had even seen the police in Japan), and they were investigating who's fault it was. The district leader and his companion were there translating for us, and our branch president came too. The police took photos of everything, including Call Shimai just standing next to her bike; it was really weird and they were a ton different than American police officers. After they determined that he, in fact, hit her and not the other way around, we walked back to our apartment. We rested for the rest of the night. When we woke up the next morning, she was still completely fine, just a little sore. She went to the hospital for a check up in Niigata to make sure everything was okay, which everything is. Our God is a God of miracles.

I'm never in Sado!!
We took another trip to Niigata this week because we had zone meeting. We rode the ferry on Thursday and then went to that same sushi place we went to the week before because it's so good and Call Shimai deserved it after getting hit by a car. Then we went to the Niigata Sisters' apartment where we had a sleepover with all the Sisters in our zone (including my MTC companion, Kema Shimai).

Exchanges round two:
We had an unplanned day of exchanges so one of the Sister Training Leaders could take Call Shimai to the hospital. I was on splits with Domino Shimai again and we went over to a member's house for lunch and that was the first time that I had ever been over to a member's house for food. I felt so loved and like a real missionary hahaha. Plus the food was so good and I definitely ate way too much.

We taught another lesson this week!! 
Yoshiko San (my first lesson) couldn't make it again this week, but we taught Sachi San (an eternal investigator, but my first time meeting her). We went to her house and had a sit-down lesson with her. It went so well!! We showed her the Mormon message "The Will of God," and she said she wants to learn more. She also prayed for us at the end of the lesson, and hearing her pray for the first time made my heart so full. This is why I'm here!!!

Word of the week:
Japanese: shukufuku
Pronunciation: shkoofkoo
Meaning: blessing

Wunderli Shimai

Pics (going down):
1. Niigata from the ferry
2. Our ferry that we spend way too much time on
3. Another ferry pic
4. There are huge spiders like this everywhere!!!
5. Reunited with KEMA SHIMAI (my MTC companion)
6. Otani Choro rocking a wig that we found in a Halloween decor box

I loved all the stuff she got to experience this week, perhaps especially the miracle of the bike accident.  It's awesome she got to teach another lesson - that doesn't happen too often on the island of Sado.  I'm sure she had fun with Japanese volleyball and having lunch at the member's home.  Of course, sushi in Niigata was probably something she won't get sick of anytime soon.  As always, thanks for all of your support via prayers, emails, snail mail etc.  She loves and appreciates all of it as do we.  Your comments and questions are welcome.  Thanks and make it a great week.

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