Monday, July 31, 2017

Apartment Lock-down

It's that time of week again.  I'm a little late because I'm traveling and had a few appointments for work.  Nonetheless, it's my favorite time of the week and I love sharing Jordan's experiences with the world - or a teeny, tiny part of it anyway.  :)  Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Hello, hello, hello my favorite people. How y'all doing? This week was great, but that's only to be expected, after all, I am a missionary!

Sadojin (person) say what:
This week we had another new student (Eri) come to our English class. I was talking to her after class, just trying to get to know her, and asked the typical, "Where are you from?" question that everyone asks. Usually, they tell me and I have no idea where it is, so I spend 5 minutes on the Google maps app looking up the place. Well with Eri's answer there was no need for google maps. She said, "Sado, in the Niigata prefecture." WHAT. I flipped out. Holy moly. I have never met a person who's even been to sado on the mainland let alone who is a native sadojin. I told her that I lived on sado for 4 months and she got so excited. We talked and bonded over sado stuff for a solid 15 minutes and basically were instant best friends. She is coming to eikaiwa next week and now that were best friends, I'm going to do her a favor and introduce her to the gospel. Isn't it just so cool, how God knew that I needed to be on sado and now in Nakano, and the time I'm in Nakano, I meet someone from sado who I can relate with? He really is all-knowing!

Apartment lockdown: 
Her shimai has been sick so on Sunday we were on strict orders to not leave our apartment, which means we also missed church (my first time on my mission, sad face). We were pretty bored the entire day and we also had no food so we got real creative with all of our meals and had to eat some of our emergency food... anyway by the end of the night, we were feeling pretty unaccomplished and frankly just plain bored. We get a call from one of the Elders in our area and he told us that one of our eikaiwa students had come to church. Not only did she come to church but she stayed for 8 hours (ended up going to both the family ward and YSA ward), and went to the baptismal service that another pair of elders had in our area. She loved it and all of the Elders and a few of the members fellowshipped her super well. They even set up an appointment with her for us on this coming Wednesday, right before eikaiwa! Holy cow I'm so grateful for the Elders! Sister Her and I felt so amazing after this, it was the biggest tender mercy ever. We felt the unity of our district and more than that we felt the blessings from it.

Investigator updates:
•Sarah: We were able to meet with her for the first time and talk with her a lot! She told us that her favorite part of the Mormon church is sacrament meeting. What a good answer. We're going to have our first real lesson with her this week.
•Aya: We have been in daily contact with her, but because she for some reason has 3 jobs now, it's been impossible to meet with her. Pray for her!
•Miu: She has also been super busy but we should be meeting her tomorrow.

Just Japan things:
-There are no emergency rooms in Japan. Instead, if there is an emergency, you just have to go in and wait your turn, or if it's not during the hospital's open hours, then you have to schedule an appointment.
-Kids dread summer vacation here because instead of getting a break from school they actually get an insane amount of homework so it's not even a break.
-No one says "I love you." It's not even common among family members or couples to say it.

Have a Wunderful week. Read your scriptures!!

Wunderli Shimai 

1. MLC 
2. Dinner with a member ❤
3. Senma. Holy cuteness. 
4. MLC=sleepovers with my bff mod shimai 🤗
5. Ramen
6. Eikaiwa 
7. Eri. I'm visiting her in sado after my mission.
8-10. Another member and holy cow she's good at drawing. These are beautiful!

I loved this email - lots of great stuff in it.  I also loved the pictures and the artist is amazing.  Thanks for reading and thanks for your support via kind / supportive thoughts, emails, snail mail, and prayers.  As always, feel free to leave questions or comments in the comment box.  Make it a great week.  Back with the next "episode" a week from today.  

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