Monday, July 3, 2017

Raw Horse Meat...

Another week has come and gone and this week was filled with a lot of exchanges which means chaos (see below).  I'm proud of how Jordan handles challenging situations and how she is open to new experiences and goes with the flow.  That along with her creativity is a big key to the success she is having.  Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Another transfer ends, and another one begins. I am now a transfer 8 missionary. What. The. Heck. Well the good news is that I'm staying in Nakano with Her Shimai!! We're the only companionship in our zone that didn't many changes happening this transfer and so many missionaries going home!! 

Exchange chaos: 
This week was absolutely filled with exchanges. We had 3 exchanges this week and now I'm absolutely dead!! On Tuesday, the Urayasu sisters came and I got to be companions with my MTC companion, Kema Shimai!! Then on Thursday, we went to Senzokuike and I went on exchanges with Schuh Shimai who is a transfer 2 missionary and she's from Brazil. Last but not least, on Friday, the Koiwa sisters came and I went on exchanges with Robinson Shimai. It was actually Robinson Shimai's first exchange so it was so fun to go with her!! Exchanges are amazing because we get to learn so much from the other sisters as well as just get to know them better!! The only sad thing about exchanges is sometimes you miss out on lessons and cool miracles. This time it was a lesson with Aya! I heard it went super well and Aya committed to meeting with us once a week even though she's crazy busy with work. I'm sad that I didn't get to be with her and participate in the lesson, but I'm also so thankful that she was able to meet because she's been so hard to meet up with. 

Saki San: 
Saki is the person who did a homestay in Las Vegas a few years back and had lots of good experiences from that. We were able to meet with her this week and we really just testified on how this church can bring happiness to her family and strengthen them. I feel like the spirit lead the entire lesson which was so amazing to witness. She told us how her husband works from 8am to 2am everyday and that she never gets to see him. She asked how Mormons did it because "they always seem to have enough time for their family, but they're still rich." We told her it was because our first priority is God and our families and then work after that, but since we put God first, he blesses us. She thought that was really interesting and really seemed to want to learn more. We really just centered the whole lesson on her family. At the end, we invited her to learn more to which she said that she would talk to her husband about it. She messaged us the next day and said that she's very grateful for meeting us and us making time for her, but she doesn't feel like she should learn more right now. Her mother is a Jehovah's Witness and her husband is Shinto, so she doesn't want to choose a different religion than them. We were so sad, but we know that this is all in the Lord's hands and that eventually saki will want to hear this message. 

Inviting Ai:
Ai is a English student from the takadanobaba teaching station and we met her for lunch this week. She told us about how she wants to travel all over and we just got to know her better. She then asked a little bit about missionaries and so we were able to tell her why we were in Japan and what our purpose is. We invited her to learn more and she said, "Yes, thank you for asking me." That's when it really clicked that literally all we have to do as missionaries is invite!! It's so simple and it says it right in our purpose, "Our purpose is to INVITE others to..." I always new that this was my purpose (I mean I had to memorize it in the MTC, but the simplicity of it was made clear in that moment. I'm going to invite everyone and if they say no, we move on and if they say yes, then we help them. 

-Aya came to church! 
-We had the most members at mission school this week.
-We got to visit the bishop and his family at their house and share a message. 
-We ate raw horse meat, and lived to tell the tale. 
- We haven't died from the humidity yet!!

Be on the look out for all the tender mercies you have! 
Wunderli Shimai 

1. Nakano 
2. Our bishop is the one in the middle, what a cool cat
3. The bishops family!! I fit right in 😊
4. Exchanges = sleepovers 
5. Raw horse meat - it's a delicacy in Japan so we had to try it, tastes like chicken!! Just kidding, it didn't really taste like anything actually..
6. The Dibbles (the office couple) , they took us out to sushi and it was sister dibble's first time ever eating sushi!..she didn't like it. 
7. Caution: not real sushi, gummy sushi made out of powder and water. Wow it fascinated me. 

That's all for now.  As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your support.  Jordan really appreciates the kind thoughts that are shared with me that I share with her, your snail mail, email, and prayers.  Keep them coming and than you so much for them.  Make it a great week.

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