Monday, August 7, 2017

Rockstar Investigators

I love it when I read emails like this from Jordan.  It sounds like this was her best week yet on her mission.  Lots of great stuff happening with a number of investigators.  I want to play guitar with the one investigator.  :)  Enjoy and thanks for reading.

What a week. Honestly I'm overwhelmed with how much there is to write about. I want to tell you all of it, but I just can't put it all into words. This week we were blessed with so many people to teach. We were able to see God's hands in so many individual lives, including our own. 

I'm just going to give you all a brief run down of all our investigators. I just seriously feel so blessed right now because when I came to this area a short 3 months ago, we had no one to teach and now God has blessed us with so many people to teach. 

•Akane: Remember the cool miracle I told you about last week, about the mission school student who came to church when we weren't there? Well we had a lesson with her this week and we were able to teach her how to pray to her Heavenly Father and then hear her first prayer to him. There is so much joy in hearing someone's first prayer. She also bought a dress just for church (she didn't own a dress before this), and wore it to church in Sunday. She said she absolutely loves church and wants to bring her daughter. On the flip side, Akane also loves rock and playing the drums. There's a drum set at church so she comes to the church to play sometimes and we get to be her groupies. She is so cool.

•Amparo: Probably the most frustrating lesson of my life was with dear Amparo this week. Amparo is from Columbia but she has lived in Japan for 33 years (she's 55). She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Japanese. We met her at one of our English classes that she came too. She is a hard core Christian and is in love with the bible. Sometimes teaching people with a Christian background makes it easier, but sometimes it makes it about 10x harder. Amparo told us that she's interested in the Mormon church and so we met her for a lesson and introduced her to the Book of Mormon. She would reject most everything we said and was convinced we didn't need the book of Mormon. We then used scriptures from the bible to testify of the book of Mormon and vise versa and by the end of the lesson she said she would read the introduction to the book of Mormon, would meet with us again, and she's going to bring her daughter. I left out more of the frustrating side of the story because well it would take too long to write, but let's just say I'll be praying for more patience before the next lesson.

•Miu: I also mentioned Miu not too long ago, but we haven't been able to meet with her for a couple of weeks until this week. She is 19 and the cutest thing ever. This week we had a lesson thst explained more of who missionaries were and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. She told us that she wants to become like us. She said she really wants to learn about Jesus Christ (before she came to church a couple of weeks ago, she had no idea who He was). We were also able to teach her how to pray and hear her first prayer as well.

•Sara: Sara is the referral from the assistants that we received a couple of weeks back. We were able to teach her for the first time this week. She first messaged us and asked us if we could meet up for dinner so we got dinner and then we watched the Restoration with her. After the movie she said that she wants to read the entire Joseph Smith History, so she is currently reading that.

•Miyuki: Prepare yourselves for a miracle. Miyuki just randomly showed up to church on Sunday. She had no idea about anything revolving Christianity or God or anything, but showed up and stayed for 3 hours of church. During the 3 different meetings, i would ask if her if she new what a word meant, (priesthood, prayer, the millenium etc.) and she would look at me and just shake her head. I would give her a brief definition and then she would thank me. When we were talking to her after, she said she was confused about a lot of things, but she just felt so good that it didn't matter. She said she wants to continue coming to church and we are meeting for a real lesson this week. 

•Kirin: Kirin is from China and she is 22, and she is living in Japan for work. I mentioned Kirin a few weeks ago and how she was so prepared and willing to meet with us again. Well she proved my point yet again. She just accepted everything we said. We talked about the Book of Mormon and she said that she would read all of it. She speaks fluent English and asked what our church's name was in English and goes, "Oh so you believe in the last days?" We said yes and she said she does too. After we explained the book of Mormon, she goes, " Oh so this book will prepare me for the last days and to meet God." She is seriously so prepared, the only said thing is she is going back to China for a short 3 weeks, but then we'll meet with her again. 

Sorry for the extra long email this week, but I just had to share about the people we are teaching. I love each one of them so much and I know that they are all daughters of God. There is no greater joy than sharing this gospel, so please share it with someone. 
Wunderli 姉妹

Too many pics for descriptions, but we went to Korean town which was cool. Also we went and saw fireworks and there were so many people there. Yup basically it. 

Thanks again for reading.  I hope you enjoyed that 1/10th as much as I did - I have the advantage since I'm her father.  As always, thanks for your support via your kind thoughts, prayers, snail mail and email.  She loves and appreciates them all.  I will be on a family vacation to Canada this coming week so next weeks email may be late depending on our schedule and internet connection but I will get it up sometime.

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