Sunday, December 11, 2016

Agents, Not Secret Agents

It was transfer-week and Sister Jordan Wunderli spent more than half of the week in Niigata.  She was with a number of different missionaries while she was there because of the timing of various transfers.  She is settled and pushing forward with "Agent" Boden.  Check out this week's episode of Sado:  It's Freaking Cold Here.  :)

This week was a little crazy and boring so bare with me for this email...

Psych my new area is Niigata (jodan):
I basically spent the whole first week of this transfer in Niigata. I was there from Tuesday until Friday!! Transfers were moved from Wednesday to Thursday, but me and Call Shimai still had to go to Niigata on Tuesday because Domino Shimai (Niigata Sister) was going to be alone since her companion went home this transfer. So, we were in a sannin (3 person companionship) on Wednesday. Call Shimai left on Thursday morning, along with Kema Shimai's companion so we were in another sannin on Thursday (me, Kema Shimai, and Domino Shimai). Since Kema Shimai was my MTC companion, it was really fun to Dendo with her!! We got banana hot chocolate from a vending machine which was way good and I'm so thankful Japan has a hot chocolate in vending machines because it is freaking freezing here.

New companion:
I met my new companion, Sister Boden, on Thursday night and she's super nice! She tells people she's from Arizona, but she's actually from all over since her dad is in the military. She's a 10th transfer missionary so she's going to be teaching me a lot!

Zone meeting:
On Friday, we had zone meeting where I met my new district and the new missionaries in our zone. A ton of people got transferred this transfer so it was fun meeting some new people. Our zone vision this transfer is "are we not all agents?" Because they really want us to think for ourselves. Agency was one of the greatest gifts God gave us and we need to use our agency and not be water bottles (act, don't be acted upon). I gave a training on White Christmas - every area set goals of how many baptisms they will see by Christmas with their branch - and I talked about loving the people and seeing them as our brothers and sisters, not just white Christmas goals. Everyone threw out good ideas on how we can show better love for our investigators.

Ogi Eikaiwa:
For my first full day back and Sister Boden's first day in Sado we went to Ogi to teach Eikaiwa. We worked a lot on pronunciation, specifically the "R" and "L" sounds because Japanese people can't really tell them apart. They were doing pretty good with it by the end! The bummer is since they own an alcohol shop they said they are super busy until January 14 because of the holidays. They want to continue the Eikaiwa classes then, but not until then.

Hitotsumatsu Shimai:
Hitotsumatsu Shimai is a very faithful member and she lives in Ogi so whenever we go to ogi we try and visit her. She's never been to the temple because it's so far and she has a hard time just walking. We always do a little temple prep with her and this week we set a date for her to go to the temple!! February 2 she wants to go to the Tokyo temple so we're going to try everything to make that happen.

Word of the week:
Japanese: jodan
Meaning: joke
Pronunciation: jo-dawn

Wunderli Shimai

1. Bus selfie with two girls we met from Tokyo
2. My area!! Jk
3. Companion selfie with Sister Boden
4. Ogi Eikaiwa class selfie
5. Last dinner with Call Shimai, conveyer belt sushi

There you have it.  Jordan was only with her new companion for a couple of days this week and with all of the traveling they didn't get to do a lot of stuff together.  I'm hoping that next Sunday's email will have a lot of great stories about the progress they are making on Sado.

I'm guessing she didn't break her record in the number of plates of sushi she ate or she would have mentioned that - LOL.  It's her birthday on Wednesday - 12/14/2016 so if you have a minute, a happy birthday email with a short message would be a fantastic gift and she would absolutely love it: or on her facebook page at Sister Jordan Wunderli.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions in the comment section.  Thanks for your support via prayers, emails, letters, or positive thoughts.

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