Monday, May 8, 2017

Nakano? Naka-YES

With Jordan's new responsibilities, she doesn't have as much time to email us and we didn't get to email back and forth last night (bummer).  I woke up to a few emails including her weekly email.  

This Sunday is Mother's day so we get to skype with Jordan in the evening - hopefully she'll have a bit more time for that than she has for emails.  I'm proud of how she's handling everything and excited that she gets this opportunity.  

What a week. Honestly this week has been kind of a blur do to the emergency transfer. It's been full of packing, saying goodbye, freaking out, trains, meetings, freaking out, trying to get to know my new area, and freaking out

Let me just give you a little run down on Nakano and why it's tied for the best area ever (with kumagaya and Sado of course):
- Nakano has the only YSA (young single adult) ward in Japan and it's a hoot and because we have this, we go to 5 hours of church every Sunday  (it overlaps with the family ward).
-Mission School is poppin'. We have shuwa (Japanese sign language) every thursday and its way cool. A lady in our ward is deaf and teaches the class. We learned how to sign the song, "I am a child of God." We also have music night every Saturday night and we learn music theory, the piano, and the drums. Who would've thought I would learn the drums on my mission? 
-The people. Wow there are so many people here and it's a little overwhelming not going to lie but it is awesome. The ward is also pretty big here at around 80 people. 

Meetings on meetings:
Pretty boring week to write about because of all of the meetings we had, if you think I'm exaggerating.. I'm not:
1. Zone conference on Tuesday (7 hours)
2. MLC (mission leadership council) on Thursday (7 hours)
3. Zone meeting planning for tokyo west zone 
4. Zone meeting planning for tokyo east zone
5. Mission school coordination meeting
6. District meeting 
And those were just the big ones.. haha who knew there were so many meetings as a missionary? I sure didn't.

Of course we had a miracle: 
So my week wasn't all meetings...when we went to church, a church member had brought her friend and her friend is interested in learning about the gospel! She stayed for the whole 3 hours and wants to learn more. She also wrote down every word/thing she didnt know or understand and asked us about it later. I can't wait to start teaching her!! She is currently learning about a couple of other churches right now too because she is "searching for the truth" but that is okay because that means she has real intent and since this is the true church, she will come to know that. 

I love all of you and God loves all of you and Jesus loves all of you. 
Wunderli Shimai 

1. The Tokyo zones 
2. The shimaitachi (sisters)
3. Love this app, love these peeps
4. Cool buildings in Tokyo
5. The view from our apartment, yes I know we are lucky!!! 
6. She's cute. I have food in my mouth. We love sushi.
7 and 8. My last pictures in Kumagaya
9. I like this house. Its a nice house.

On Saturday the 13th, Sister Jordan Wunderli will have been out 10 months.  She's had a lot of Wunderful experiences on her mission with lots left to go.  I can't express enough how much she (and we) appreciate all of your positive thoughts, prayers, snail mail and email.  As always, feel free to share you thoughts or questions in the comment section.  We'll be back with another episode next week.  Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there.

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