Monday, May 22, 2017


Jordan is so busy that we didn't get any email time again.  I waited up until just passed 12 but with no luck.  We got a few nice emails during the wee hours of the morning including this recap of her week.  She definitely misses the regular missionary work and connecting with the people in that way.  Her current position is more interacting with the sisters she's responsible for training and working with them to find people to teach - she still gets to do that part of the work but she doesn't get to build the relationship and teach them through the process.  At any rate, enjoy her report and thanks for reading.

Well look at that, it's Monday again. Time is just flying by!! It's honestly going by way too fast, and I'm really trying to treasure every second I'm here on my mission. 

Transfer calls:
It feels like just 3 weeks ago I got transferred to Nakano and now we have transfer calls again?! *insert sarcasm* I was actually transferred here 3 weeks ago for emergency transfers, but now we had real transfer calls today!! Yamashita Shimai is transferring to Tsukuba...Which means I'll be taking over the area after only being here for 3 weeks hahaha. *insert nervous laugh*  My new companion is Sister Her and she is the same transfer as me... 7... wow I'm old. 

Busy bees:
Being an STL and being in Nakano is completely different than what I'm use to. We barely have any time to find people to teach or to even teach the people we have. We always have about 1000 things to do and a minute to do it in. This week, our week was full of exchanges, mission school, more mission school, and calls. Everyday is packed full, so much that we rarely have time for language study (sad face). I'm honestly feeling a little overwhelmed and inadequate, but with my Heavenly Father's help I know I can do anything. Now I just gotta learn how to use every minute of time wisely and effectively. 

We went on exchanges twice this week:
On Tuesday we went to Urayasu and I got to go on exchanges with my MTC companion, KEMA SHIMAI (boy oh boy do I love Kema shimai). Urayasu is so pretty and we ended up finding 2 potential investigators and then a whole load of mission school students so that was pretty great.
On Wednesday we went to Koiwa and I was companions with Moffat Shimai. Moffat Shimai and I have had a couple of the same companions, so I've heard about her before, but on Wednesday, I actually got to witness what I've heard: SHE'S A REAL LIFE DISNEY PRINCESS. I'm not even joking. She is seriously the most genuine, sincere person ever and she just looks like she should have birds singing around her. Anyway, back to missionary work... we didn't find anyone, but we talked to actually about 200 people, so we both thought we did absolutely everything we could; the people just weren't ready yet and that's okay.

Yamashita Shimai tribute:
I can't believe I only got her for 3 weeks!! I'm seriously so sad. Yamashita shimai loves sushi (we ate sushi so much together, I was in heaven), vanilla ice cream, and McDonald's (we also ate at McDonald's a few times haha). Her English is seriously so cute and she helped me a ton with Japanese. She loves the nashville tribute band (we would listen to the same CD every single day), and she loves her mission! Tsukuba is lucky to have her.

Word of the week:
Word: naruhodo 
Pronunciation: Naw-dew-ho-doe
Meaning: ah I see

Hope ya'll have a wunderful week (I'm turning country now).
Wunderli Shimai 

1. Kema Shimai ❤
2. The Takadanobaba teaching station - We taught two English classes there this week 
3. Homemade sushi - We have FHE every Monday night with the YSA ward and for our activity we made sushi.
4. Koiwa
5. We made this all from scratch - We went to this lady's house this week and she taught us how to make homemade udon  (Japanese noodles) from scratch.
6. 16 kids came to kodomo Eikaiwa, usually we have about 8, but this time 16 decided to show up 
7. My companion wanted to cut her hair so, we cut it.. turned out alright, thank goodness 
8 and 9: Sato Shimai and tasukun ❤ we went over to their house for dinner and they are seriously the best!! So loving and really made me feel right at home. 
10. It's been so hot so our cure for the hotness is to go buy ice cream. We've had ice cream about everyday this week haha.

Some cute kids in this English class!!

Another week in the books for Sister Jordan Wunderli.  I always look forward to not just the emails but the great pictures where I can see her beautiful smile and the people she is working with.  As always, feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comment section.  Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, email and snail mail in support of my beautiful daughter.  It means the world to us.  Until next week...   

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