Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It's my favorite day of the week which means another blog post for Sister Jordan Nicole Wunderli

Jordan wrote a nice email to the family earl this morning and then followed it up with this email:

こんいちわ everyone!!
So not a ton happened this week, but here ya go!!
-So last p-day we went to the MTC store and bought a giant magnifying glass for a dollar, and took funny pics with it (embarrassing pic of me at the bottom).
-Me and Sister Gorner drew portraits of all the Elders in our district and they were quite accurate (pics at bottom)
-So our branch president is a huge BYU fan and on our temple walk he asked me where I went to college and I said the U and he goes well dang that's too bad. Then he went on to tell me how great BYU is and I said well that's one thing I'll have to disagree with you on, GO UTES! Then later I showed him a pic of me flashing the U at the Provo temple and we had another little debate, but I ended it by reminding him that our prophet went to the U!!!
-While we were waiting in line for the Sunday night devotional, a rap battle broke out and they started rapping popcorn popping on an apricot tree lol
-We were talking about guilty pleasures in class and my teacher said he absolutely loved the smell of skunk. Like when he drives through it, he rolls his windows down and breathes it in (ewww)
-On the same topic of guilty pleasures... Elder Hiatt (typical man for the most part) admitted that he loves sewing! He especially loves sewing sock monkeys hahaha

-I eat cottage cheese as part of EVERY meal because it is basically the only thing I like haha.
-Pizza fridays are my favorite day and I usually eat about 3 slices (don't worry I am working out)

-So we had our last lesson with our first investigator this week and me and my companion were so sad to say goodbye because we had grown close to her. We even took a selfie with her so we could remember her.
-So we walked into our classroom the next day to a new teacher (don't worry we still have the other one that I love too) and it's our investigator!!!!! Yup she was never an investigator hahaha so that's chill. And a little embarrassing just because we sucked at Japanese lolol.
-We had to memorize "The missionary purpose" in Japanese this week so me and Sister Gorner went into our own study room and made a song and dance to it to memorize it (first ones to memorize it too might I add) and then we performed it for our whole district
-the word "joke" in Japanese is "jodan" which basically sounds like my name when you say it with a Japanese accent which is a joke lol
-Japanese is hard

-So for our Sunday night devotional the Nashville Tribute Band came and sang a few of their songs.  They are so good and I'm not just saying that because all I've had to listen to since I've been here is church hymns and my district singing. But seriously check them out!! And we (the MTC choir) got to sing a few songs with them!
-One song I really loved was "the hardest thing I've ever loved to do" which was about his mission (he went to Las Vegas!!) and wow it was great.
     favorite lines:
     -The hardest word I ever loved to say is good bye to my mama and walking away
     -The hardest tears I've ever loved to cry fell when I opened my mouth to testify
-One scripture I really likeed this week, that I thought pertained to missionary work is in Moroni 7, "It is by the grace of God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, and his holy will, because of the gift of his calling unto me, that I am permitted to speak unto you at this time."

PICS (going down)
1. Go Utes from Provo
2. Elder Hardy and mine and Sister Gorner's fab drawing
3. Roommates' name tags and Provo temple
4. Magnifying glass fun
5. PJ mirror selfie with Sister Gorner!!
6. Elder Hiatt and amazing drawing by yours truly (we thought it would be fun to draw him with long straight hair for some reason)
7. Companion and roommates at the temple
8. Our district posing as ninjas because Japan

I have always thought that Jordan was a very good looking girl and her personality has always shined through - I think you can see that in some of these pictures.  However, she looks a little extra beautiful in some of these pictures - maybe not the magnifying glass one.  :)

Two weeks in and she seems to be having such a great experience.  I can't wait until she gets to Japan so that I can hear (read about) those experiences because I think they will be fabulous...and challenging.  Feel free to comment and ask questions.  I love my baby girl and am very proud of her.

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