Sunday, January 1, 2017

Two Companions - two car wrecks: Sister Jordan Wunderli is batting 100%!!

It was a bit of a slow week for Sister Jordan Wunderli and her companion, Sister Boden, because of the New Year's celebration - my guess is that this week might be slow as well based on how big she said the celebration is.  There was still some excitement and some good news.  

Happy New Years everyone!! To start off 2017 we had a Book of Mormon read-a-thon. Our mission president said that it wouldn't be effective to proselyte the 1st-3rd so we read the book of mormon on the 1st, our P-day is the 2nd, and on the 3rd it will be a deep cleaning day. New years (shogatsu) is huge in Japan (maybe bigger than Christmas in America), but everything and everyone closes down for a week or two so it's been a little challenging trying to find people this week. We did a ton of housing this week, but everyone just said they were busy! 

Second companion, second companion to get hit by a car...
We were biking home from Miyakawa  (about a 45 minute bike ride from our apartment) and a car came a little to close to the sidewalk and hit Sister Boden. She was completely fine but we still had to call the cops and wait two hours for them to do their investigation (the cops on sado have nothing to do because it's so safe here so they make every minor thing into a crime scene investigation). Her front brake was broken so one of the cop cars took it back for us and then we got to ride home in another cop car. The guy that hit her felt really bad and was really nice and we ended up inviting him to Eikaiwa! Always doing missionary work right?! Haha 

Yamaji San:
We taught her everyday this week!! We have taught her about the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She understands it all so well and believes it! We asked her if she believed that God was her Heavenly Father, that Jesus Christ was her savior, and if the Book of Mormon is the word of God and she said yes to all three. She says she is so excited to get baptized and I'm so excited for her. 

Word of the week:
Word: binwan
Meaning: capable 
Pronunciation: bean-wawn 

Wunderli Shimai 

1. When your companion gets hit by a car the branch members feel bad and buy you tons of donuts...
2. Sawata, Sado 
3. Aikawa, Sado
4. Boden shimai and I in Aikawa 

As always, thanks for your support via email, snail mail, thoughts, and prayers.  It's all great and we appreciate it all.  Feel free to share your thought or ask questions in the comment section.  Happy New Year.

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  1. You may not know me well but you look like your mom when she was younger a beauty I'm originally a darley she knows me. Awesome you are all ok Glad you are doing well.